Sunday, May 23, 2010


The later part of the week we got to spend was in Tuscany around Florence. We really enjoyed our time here as well. We got to go see the leaning tower of Pisa, Michelangelo's David, and a lot of the Tuscan country side. For the most part, we just took our time driving around, enjoying the country side. Here's some pictures for you:

I'm sure you've seen pictures of people that stand in front of the tower and get their picture taken while they're "holding it up." We refused to participate in this...however, we did get swept up in a moment of cheesy-ness an got this shot of us at Pisa

The main square in Pisa with the tower, Duomo (church) and Baptistry building. What you may not know is that all 3 structures are not straight. The tower is obviously the worst, but the Baptistry (the closest domed building) leans the opposite direction.

Ah, the tower. Another landmark that we're amazed we've been able to see. What I never knew was that the construction was actually going on while the tower was leaning. They discovered the problem after the first level was built, but continued on. You can see above the 4th level (where the scaffolding is) that they tried to counter-balance the tower, and again with the belfry. It took many attempts to correct the issue, some of those almost bringing the tower down. It wasn't until about 30 years ago that they were able to stop the leaning, and it's actually been straightened to where it was when they began construction on the 5-above levels.

You can see how pronounced the lean of the tower is over the Duomo

Country side in Tuscany

A villa in tuscany set on a hill. These are everywhere!

Another villa

And yet another...this was the favorite though...the grass was so green, and the view was amazing!

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Granny & Papa said...

I like 'cheesey'---Just don't add any 'whine' to it LOL
Great shots, as usual!