Saturday, May 1, 2010

Delayed Party

Ok, so Cailyn's birthday was actually a few weeks ago. However, since Jen was out of the country, we decided to wait to celebrate until we could all be together - and Jen could make us cake! This year, Cailyn decided she wanted a Snow White cake. It was a great night with some of our friends, and after cake, Cailyn was completely taken with her aqua doodle (a special gift form her cousins!) Hannah sang her "Birthday" from the Beetles guitar hero, and then Cailyn drew some more. It was a great night! Happy Birthday again Cailyn!


Granny & Papa said...

beautiful cake, Jen! You can tell the girls had a great time! The purple teapot in the background did not escape my attention, either....nice touch!

akhdesign said...

I love that first one where she is looking at the cake. If you run out of room in your house, I would gladly take Cailyn, too.

Shea, Elisabeth, Michaela, Rachael, and Aspen said...

Fabulous cake, Jen! Michaela loves watching Snow White lately and always tells me about the "witch" and I have to stifle my laughter because I think that if anyone were to overhear us they might think she was saying a bad word! Ha! I love you guys! ;)