Sunday, August 30, 2009

The 4 year-olds said what?!?

Ok, so I know we're still adjusting to life here in Ireland, but something happened yesterday that just struck Jen and I so funny...I thought I needed to share with you all.

Today we had the privilege to be asked to attend the christening of some of our friends' new baby boy, an honor we were very happy to be a part of. It was a great time, a nice service, and everything went according to plan. After the service, everyone was talking to the mom and dad as you do at an event like this, and just having a good time before leaving the church. Well, the plan was for everyone to go from the church to one of the local pubs to hang out and eat. Now, before I go on, I must explain that our family has been to the pub several times. Here they're like restaurants, so going there with children is perfectly normal. As we're milling around, everyone is asking each other if they were going to the pub, and see-you-there's were said all around. Fast forward to the parking lot...we're walking to our car, Hannah and Cailyn in tow, and we hear Hannah's 4 year old friend call out to her, "Hey Hannah! I'll see you at the pub!" To which Hannah immediately replied, "OK! The pub sounds good!" Then another 4 year old calls out from across the parking lot, "Hey! I'm going to the pub too! I'll see you there!" At this point, We look at the parents of the two other culprits and we're all just standing there sort of dumb-founded. Seriously, what do you say to that?

All we could do was laugh ... something about a bunch of 4 year olds talking about meeting at the pub just sounded a bit odd!

Stranger still, once at the pub, seeing the three of them (oh ... and Cailyn too ... ) belly-up to the bar and get their juices. Great stuff!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Germany Part II - Legoland!!!

We took a day during our second week and went to Legoland near Munich. It was so awesome! Hannah was big enough to ride her first roller coaster, and there was plenty for Cailyn as well. It was an awesome day full of adventure and interesting things made from Legos! There's several pics on this one, so we hope you enjoy!

Hannah's first roller coaster!!!

Captured this through the trees...what was skepticism has turned to joy!

Cailyn got her first ride on an interesting boat ride...the little kids actually paddle themselves! Not pictured is Jen having to "help" Hannah finish her ride. Cailyn is taking this ride with the daughter of our dear friends we were on our trip with

The 3 Musketeers on the train ride. They felt grown up being on their own!

Hannah had seen this Log-ride from afar and kept asking to go on it. Unfortunately as with most log-rides, there's a "scene" you go through on your way up to the top. This ride had a dragon that she wasn't too thrilled with and it kind of ruined her desire to be on the ride, of course, at that point, you're stuck. This is just as we're peaking over the crest to come down

Zoomed in a little. Daddy's excited of course, trying to encourage. Wish you could feel the death-grip she had on my hand! She later admitted that if it hadn't been for the dragon, she would have loved this!

Cailyn and I went on this airplane ride that you actually make it go up and down as it goes around...she thought it was awesome! (Little tribute here to Grandpa and Uncle Adam!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

We Interrupt...

This "regularly scheduled" (HA!!) Germany post to bring you some big news!!
Cailyn is spending her first night in a a big girl bed!! With all of our travels, we've learned that she is just too big to fit into a travel crib or pack 'n' play, so we thought before our next travels are upon us, we'd get her used to being in a big girl bed! As we talked, Hannah said she wanted a new bed as well. Since the bed she was on is nowhere near new (mattresses and everything), we decided that she could use a new bed, mattress, etc. So, on a recent marathon trip to IKEA (boy...what a trip! But, that's another post)....
So, after much sweat, Daddy had the beds put together:
You can see over Hannah's bed her name; Cailyn's name plaque is over her bed, but you can't see it in this pic.

Cailyn ran right in and curled up on her bed. The girls had been playing dress up and both in their undies, so you won't be seeing any pics of Hannah. :o(

"My butterflies!!" Cailyn helped pick out her bedding, and was very excited about her butterflies.

"My Tinkerbell!!" She chose to keep her Tinkerbell pillowcase rather than her matching butterfly one.

Showing how she can get right in and out. She's so proud!

They were so excited they wanted to go to bed right then and there. Hannah helped Cailyn get dressed.

They've been in bed for about half an hour now and so far, so good! I can't believe our girls are getting so big!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Germany Part I

Hello everyone! Sorry that this has been so long in coming! For those that don't know, we were fortunate enough to be in Germany for the last couple of weeks. Our company had some meetings scheduled in South Germany, which was awesome. We had the opportunity to stay after for a week with some dear friends of ours and just hang out. We took over 1300 photos, which we will not be posting obviously, but over the next few days we'll be sharing some of the best pics and stories from our trip!

The first batch is from where we stayed in Southern Germany. It's a town just north of the Austrian border, which means ALPS! My friend reminded me that these were just the foothills of the Alps, but nevertheless, our view was incredible!

View from our conference could we concentrate??

City where our conference was held

One day, two of my friends snuck away from the conference.
We all just loved this house perched on a hill surrounded by tall peaks.

I'd snapped this picture thinking I'd gotten just a nice scenery shot with a neat historical building. Then I learned something cool...that building was actually built by Hitler to house and train SS officers