Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A few random pics of the kids

Ok, so there's been several things happening the last couple weeks. Mostly, just trying to maintain life and adjusting to Isaac, so nothing too major. But, I have a few pics that I'd like to share...enjoy!

Isaac, when not screaming, is already turning into quite the little smiler! This is the best shot of him smiling we have so far...

Face painting is quite popular here. A couple weeks ago we took the kids to the little community fair in Hannah's school where Santa made an appearance. One of our friends painted their faces up for them. Cailyn clearly a butterfly. Hannah...a flower. And not just a little flower on the cheek...a huge flower covering her whole face! (her idea!)

I went up one afternoon to get Cailyn up from her nap and found her at the top of the stairs...

Second tooth has made it's exodus...now Hannah really can sing, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

And finally, Hannah was in her school play last week where they recounted the story of the Nativity. Hannah and the rest of her class were angels...(the garland she was asked to wear is nice, but our tree doesn't look so good anymore!! Ha!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Isaac helping us Christmas shop...

With the way things are here, with us having the one car, the lack of time during the day due to the girls' school schedule, traffic always unbearable around Christmas time (that and because of the "snow" we've received making traffic move especially slow - but that's another story...) we weren't sure how we were going to accomplish Christmas shopping. Luckily, an opportunity came up for us yesterday where we had to be in the city. Jen had a follow up visit at the hospital for all the post-delivery "fun" she was having just after Isaac was born. Glad to report that she's doing great, and everything is still on track for her recovery wise, so we praise the Lord for that! Anyway, surprisingly the appointment actually didn't take 4 hours, and we had a brief window to get to the toy shop, get our stuff, and make it home to pick up the girls from school. Of course, this meant Isaac was with us. We'd left his stroller at home, so we just set him in the trolley. (Yes, I said trolley...shopping cart to most of you). See, Isaac has a wonderful trait about him. When it's about nap time, if he goes for a ride in the car, he's out. Like a light. We say this is wonderful, because he's the only one of the 3 to do this. Hannah would just stay awake. Anyone that knows Hannah now can see this; that's just a part of who she is - having to see what's going on around her, figuring stuff out, etc. Cailyn screamed. All the time. From the moment she was set in her seat, to the moment you rescued her from the torturous trap, she screamed. Isaac loves his seat. He sleeps. If he's really ready for a nap, he'll be asleep before we get past the gate leading to our house. Well, by the time we got to the shop after he'd been awake during Jen's appointment, he was asleep again, so we just left him. And so, he got to help us with our shopping! We got several strange looks, piling all the presents we had to buy around him like that, and more than a few double-takes from people inspecting our cart as we walked by. It was funny, Isaac was cute. He's the pic.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Isaac's Passport pic

Here's the picture I got for his passport...what a cute little guy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to the US Isaac!!

*Long post, but hopefully worth the read...*

Well, he was a US citizen technically from the moment he was born, but this weekend we made a trip to Dublin so we could go to the Embassy and get him properly registered and apply for his passport (a very important item that will come in play later!) It was a neat trip and sort of exciting...in the combined 4 years we've lived in Ireland, we've never actually BEEN to the Embassy before!

Now, a little background on what's going on here lately: Ireland has come under the thumb of a massive Arctic blast that's actually terrorizing other parts of Europe. As well as Ireland can cope with cold, it comes to a stand-still when there's any kind of snow involved, especially the multiple inches they got over the last week or so. I've been diligently watching how much snow Dublin has received knowing we were going to have to head over, and thankfully, the last few days have seen some relief. I know what you're thinking: why didn't you wait? Good question, BUT, we had to go; the Embassy makes you schedule appointments and we'd made the appointment weeks ago. As I watched the snow reports, I tried to see when the next available date would be and cancel this appointment and reschedule but nothing was open until February, and we just couldn't go for that. That's just too late for some other things going on for us to get it...so we basically had to go. Thankfully, I grew up in snow, and though mishaps happen even to experienced drivers, it helps that I've driven in snow a lot before...we just figured that the trips across country would take some time. So carefully, we headed out.

We got to Dublin and popped in to see some friends we know there, and had a great afternoon (aside from me getting a migraine and having to take solace in a dark room for a while) and then headed to our hometel. Yes, I spelled that right. That's what the girls call it. All 5 of us in a room for the first time though...oh boy! We were waiting for disaster. Surprisingly though, things went well. Isaac actually slept really well, and Hannah and Cailyn did, well, alright. They just love staying in hotels so much that they're pretty wound up about it, so sleep doesn't come to them (or mom and dad) too quick.

Got up today, and the adventure continued, though not for the best...one last task we had to do, of course, was to take a passport photo in for Isaac. Of course, it has to be a white background, and mom and dad's hands can't be visible holding his head up. Easy, right? WRONG. Infant passport photos are insane! I was able though to get a good photo of him and tried printing it at our pharmacy the other day...it worked, but the picture wouldn't qualify because of one little part in the background wasn't white. I didn't want to risk delaying the process anymore, so yesterday morning before we left, I staged another one and took it with us on my jump drive, thinking we could just get it printed in Dublin at the mall near our hotel. Wow...NOT. I go to the pharmacy to print it, and theirs don't print passport sizes prints. Of course! How silly of me to think a drugstore in a city of +1 million people could do something a pharmacy in our small neighboring village would do...ugh. They did have the option of using a little photo-booth, but since we'd already taken a road trip from the hotel to the mall lasting more than 30 seconds, Isaac was asleep, so that wasn't really an option. (Bear in mind the photos have to show his eyes...) Thankfully, there was a film processor in the mall, so I ran to see him with my jump drive. He immediately tells me he doesn't do infant passport photos. CRAP. Now...we're about 1.5 hours ahead of our appointment, and at this point, I'm starting to freak out. This SHOULDN'T be this hard!!! He begrudgingly decides to help me out by trying to use the pic I had on my jump-drive (which is what I asked him to do in the first place...not take a new photo) and he yanks the jump-drive out of my hand. Apparently he had to save all my photos to his hard drive, then to an sd card, and then into this little printer he has set up just for passport photos...like it's a holy grail or something. It wouldn't work. He tried opening the photo in photoshop and resizing it and resaving it on multiple sd cards and, still nothing happens. It's like the photography twilight zone...this one photo won't open. His special little machine wouldn't read it. He brilliantly (after I make the suggestion) crops the photo to a 2"x2" passport size photo and prints them on 4x6 paper. genius! Thankfully, this works, and we now only have just over an hour to make it through the city center and get to the Embassy on time for our appointment. (While we were waiting for all this, Jen ran and got us Starbucks...probably our saving grace emotionally...) Oh, by the way - Isaac now needs to eat before we leave the mall. AARGHH!!! Jen gives him a quick snack to try to tide him over, which works thankfully, but now we're down to 45 minutes. Somehow, we're able to get to the appointment on time. Actually, we showed up early which is something we learned that we're not allowed to do. We had to pace around in front of the gate in the freezing cold for 20 minutes until 1:00 on the nose before they took us through security, which is more serious than airports. Like seriously...they would be well suited to take all these body-scanners of the airports hands and make their lives easier...After that though, everything went smooth. The paper work got filled out, we paid our fees, and in a few weeks we should have his social security card, and passport!

We had decided to be as American as possible on the day, since technically, we were stepping into US soil while we were in the complex. So, with me wearing my American flag t-shirt under my jacket, I helped the girls say the Pledge of Allegiance in front of the building, then we headed to T.G.I. Fridays for an early dinner before beginning our snow-bound journey home tonight. The whole first half of the trip home was just a downfall of snow...the kind that when you switch on your high beams you blind yourself from the light bouncing back at you off the flakes. The trip was cool for me though; it reminded me a lot of when I was around 12 years old? playing for the Flagstaff All-Star soccer team. We played our tournaments in the winter, and we always played in Phoenix. Even though we knew storms were on the way before we left for the tournaments, they graciously drove me down to play only to make the long journeys home in blizzards just so I could play my soccer. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

Overall, it was a fun trip with a little excitement just to keep it from being dull.

PS. While we were wandering around waiting for our time-slot I asked jokingly if Mr. Rooney was in (Pittsburgh Steelers owner and current US Ambassador to Ireland), and was politely was told that he wasn't. I thought it was just because he would have been up late the previous night since the Steelers were on Sunday Night Football, and he stays up to watch all their games if he's over here. Actually, he watches it via sling-box and apparently has to keep calling his family to tell them to quit changing the channel! LOL) Anyway, as I was writing this blog, I had the game on from last night (I'd recorded it to watch when we got home)...lo and behold, Dan Rooney was actually at the game. I thought it was funny anyway...

All of us in front of the Embassy with Old Glory waving behind us...

On to the American food!!!

This was hilarious to me: Everywhere in Dublin snow is all over the sidewalks; EXCEPT for all around the US Embassy. Yeah, that's right...we actually SHOVEL snow! LOL

We took a walk down the major shop street in Dublin after dinner before heading back to town...this old man playing the whistle was great!!! Now we know how Santa occupies his time before making his run! ;)

And of course, there's a Leprechaun in Dublin...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Isaac pics

Who doesn't want to see some more pictures of a really cute little boy?!?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

This was the sunrise we saw this morning as the girls and I came downstairs to get going for the day. Here in Ireland, there's not an official Thanksgiving (though many companies are beginning this year to commercialize the "Great American Holiday" as some refer to it here.) Nonetheless, it will always be Thanksgiving to us no matter where in the world we are. We have so much to be thankful for this year, without a doubt. Obviously, the addition of Isaac to our family is a blessing. But even beyond that, we realize how much we have to be thankful for. We have a God that loves us and always provides. We have wonderful supportive families that we miss very much. We have friends all over the world that we love. Today, we hope that you are having a wonderful day, and we send our blessings and thankfulness to you.

The Deibel Crew

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding shoot prep...

If you haven't heard, my little photography hobby is about to take a huge turn toward, well...it's making a huge turn. I was asked over the summer to do a wedding shoot for some friends that's coming up in just a couple weeks. Needless to say, I'm getting a little nervous about it. I want to do a great job for them, and I want to have a little fun with it as well. As I've been preparing, I've used my "guinea pigs" to help me. Yesterday I loaded them in the car and we went to the hotel that the wedding is going to be held at to test some shots out before the big day. It turned out to be a fantastic time though, and any time I get just to turn the camera loose on the girls, I always get some keepers!

Any time I say "smile" this is usually what I get...a little pose

Now this is a pose...lol

I just thought Cailyn's face in this shot was creepy...

Walking down the aisle...

I've seen this look a lot lately in photo-shoots, and I thought I'd make one up...I brightened this quite a bit. What do you think?

After a little "work" mocking up some shots for me, the girls turned the open space into a track meet...if only I could include the giggling noises!

And...it's football season!!!


Are we done yet???

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We've lost a tooth...

Well, tonight Hannah made yet another leap in her movement up the development ladder. She came to us earlier in the afternoon complaining that her tooth was bothering here, and sure enough, it was loose and we could see the new one already poking our a bit underneath it. We knew it would only be a matter of time! She got really scared as she began eating her dinner that it was going to hurt, so we set off to investigate the tooth a little more. (Mind you, Hannah had taken a couple chances to wiggle her tooth a little bit, so by now, it's really been worked over!) I saw right away that it was ready to come out. Of course, by this time, Hannah's getting freaked out because she realizes that this thing is actually coming out. I got her to help things along a bit by pushing her tooth with her tongue loosening it up a little more. After that, it was just about fell out as I reached in for it. She was SO excited about it...obviously, just a massive moment for her. And Cailyn was just as excited for her! It's now resting under her pillow, excited for her first visit for the tooth fairy!

Here's the even in pictures...

Sitting there waiting to come out...

Her new smile!

Liked this shot...holding her tooth and you can see the hole in the background

The culprit

Cailyn was unbelievably excited! I think she was happier than Hannah!

Properly placed under her pillow before bed

Monday, November 8, 2010

Speaking of the girls...

Not that I'm not ready to dedicate every post to Isaac or anything, because he's just cute as a button!, but I thought I'd give you a quick glimpse of what the girls have been doing through all of this. I know I've put on here before how they're becoming SUCH good friends and playing so well together. Well, tonight after dinner, they went in the kitchen and we heard a bunch of singing so I peeked around the corner to see what they were up to...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pics from Halloween

We ended up having a good Halloween this year, even though going into October we didn't know what would be going on. The girls (thankfully) wanted to be princesses, and we already had the dresses from their dress-up wardrobe. We climbed in the car and visited some friends, and then we were able to take a walk up our road for a little trick-or-treating. Isaac even got into the act with his little pumpkin outfit! I don't have too many pics from the outing itself, but here's some of the kids in their outfits!

Here's the princesses!!!

The girls were thrilled that Jen decided to curl their hair for the night!!!

And our little pumpkin....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some more pics of Isaac...sorry it's been so long!

Wow, so it's been a pretty crazy few weeks for us since Isaac decided to show up on the scene. Hard to believe he's already 3 weeks old! If you didn't know before, Jen was actually back in the hospital last week after developing an infection from the surgery. She's doing much better, and we're all home; happy as a new family of 5! Because of all that was going on, I just couldn't really get going on posting any pics...so sorry! Hope you understand though!

Isaac is settling pretty well. He's a great sleeper so far...3 weeks old, and he slept for 8 hours last night! (A big woohoo from Jen!!) Overall, aside from the bout Jen had, things have been great so far. We're blessed with our little guy, and love already watching him grow! Hannah and Cailyn dote over him all the time; they have to kiss him when they get home, hug him before bed, and they're so proud of him! They really love their brother!

Ok...the good stuff...some more pics!!!

Mommy and her son!

Daddy with all his kids on his lap...won't last long like this!

Isaac relaxing a little bit

Isaac's first man to man...

This guy loves his sleep! (As opposed to his older sisters at his age!)

He had a bit of an eye infection for a few days, but it's cleared up pretty good. He's taking a long look at the couch here...


Anyone ever think that new babies look like old men?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Proud dad and an experiment...

Our family went out for a quick meal tonight, which was great...really the first time all 5 of us went somewhere together (other than a quick trip to the doctor yesterday, but we're not counting that!) Well, tonight was just a gorgeous night...the full moon and the crisp clear air after all the rainfall we had today. I went out to take some shots of the moon with the help of the girls, and then I got an idea; I've seen many examples of a photo-technique called "light-painting" and I thought I'd give it a quick try. And what better thing to do than paint my new son's name in lights! It's not the best light painting I've ever seen, but not bad for my first go!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


One thing about Isaac is that he has some REALLY long fingers...I'm sort of reminded of ET in a way...like I want to slip a Reese's Pieces in there! You'll probably see several of these type shots in the coming weeks/months/years ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hannah and Cailyn come to meet Isaac

Oh, what a GREAT night last night! Hannah and Cailyn were able to come to the hospital last night and visit Isaac for the first time, and boy were they happy!!! Isaac was in great form, and loved meeting his sisters. He really did act like he knew them! Both girls got to hold him, and it was just a great time...the first time our whole family was together! As I combed through all the pictures that were taken, tears have come many times because I am SO incredibly blessed with a wonderful family!

A big thank you also to our friends W & D who have been watching the girls, really since all this started for us Tuesday morning, and they were our photo/video crew for the event...guys, this week has been really amazing with all the help you've given us. We appreciate you so much!!

Anyway...enough talk! How 'bout those pictures!!!! ;)

Hannah seeing him for the first time

And then Cailyn's turn

Both girls really were anxious to give him kisses!

Hannah getting to hold him for the first time

And then Cailyn got her chance. She was so taken with him!

Isaac was so thoughtful and brought them princess dolls as presents!!

Isaac needed a little help from his sisters opening their gifts to him...

First picture of 5 member Deibel Crew

Cailyn got another chance to hold him before we headed home

Amazing how tiny he is, huh? I love this picture of us!!

Sweet picture of the new big sister holding her brother

Not sure if you can tell but Hannah REALLY loves her new brother! Love this shot!!!!