Sunday, May 16, 2010

Positano, Italy

Alright, the waiting is over. I've been going through all the pictures from last week, trying to figure out the best way to show all of where we were with 2 things in mind: Not boring everyone with showing you every one of the 1,200+ shots we got, and also showing enough for you to see how great this trip was for us! We really had a wonderful time, as we said, so now, let us show you!

Our first few days were spent in a village called Positano, just south of Naples. Jen had seen it on a travel show some 12 years or so ago, and has wanted to go if she ever had the chance. When this big anniversary trip was coming, knowing how easy we could get there, there was no option really; we were going. Positano is built right on the coast on the west coast of Italy, and really is a dream location: mountains that join the sea. It has been featured in many movies, including Under the Tuscan Sun. It's very self contained, and it's obvious why this is a popular tourist destination. It's just so beautiful there, it's hard to describe. Here's some of our favorite pictures from Positano:

This was the view from our hotel

The colors in the water were unbelievable...this really is how it looked!

This was probably the most amazing time we went to this was so clear, all the little curves of the coast just kept going and going as far as we could see; and that water again...

I got this shot one night from where I was in the picture above...the 3 cars and a bus that passed while the shutter was open made this shot pretty interesting!

Another time I snuck out to this spot again just before can see the sun-ray coming over the ridge down the coast

Ah, the happy couple!


Em said...

My favorite place on Earth! So glad you all had such a great time.

Granny & Papa said...

Looks like you found a favorite spot in an incredible place! Now you don't have to tell Jenn to "wait for it....wait for it...." anymore. Check Positano off the 'bucket list' LOL