Friday, May 14, 2010

And Interview with Hannah

Well, I'm a bit late with doing this. You may remember this post from last March where I interviewed Hannah. The idea is to ask her the same questions every year and see how their answers change (or stay the same!). I had fun reading over her answers from last year, and hearing her answers this year. I think we may go ahead to do Cailyn's first interview this year, too. But, for now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, an interview with Hannah!

Ok, you ready to get started?

This is an interview of Hannah Jane Deibel. One of the most interesting and wonderful 5 year olds in the world.

I am going to ask you several questions about yourself so we can all get to know you better. Okay, let's get started.

What is your name?


Is that it?


How old are you?


Where do you live?
*In Ireland

Do you have any pets?
No. Oh yeah! I have a stuffed pet.

What kind of stuffed pet?
*A Puppy.

Does the Puppy have a name?
*Princess Flower

Who do you like to play with?
I like to play with my sister, Cailyn.
Anyone else?

What is your favorite Cereal?
Cereal with milk. And my favorite cereal with milk issssssssss….corn flakes. And the name of corn flakes in Irish is cailloga arror.

What is your favorite vegetable?

What is your favorite drink?
Milk…actually, no not milk. Juice.
What kind of juice?
*Strawberry and vanilla juice
 (yes, this is an actual kind of juice here)

What is your favorite snack?
My fravrite snack…my favorite snack isssss….a Rice Krispy Bar.

What is your favorite toy?
My favorite toy is my puppet.
Where did you get your puppet?
*From Italy.

What is your favorite book?
*Christmas book.
What’s that about?
*Um, I don’t know.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Powercins. I said Powercins!! What’s the name of it again?
*Oh! I thought it was Powercins.

What is your favorite holiday?
Germany. Actually, no, no, no, no, America.
*Because I’ve never been there since I’ve been in Ireland for a couple of years.
What’s in America?
*People, animals, houses, stores, shops, BBQ’s, bags. *giggle* and bedrooms.

So, what's your favorite Holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.?
*For Christmas I like going to….Germany. *hehehe* (we've never been to Germany for Christmas :o) )

What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal are….giraffes. Funny giraffes!! (giggles silly and waving her feet all over).

If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?
*Sleeping Beauty
What would your middle name be, Sleeping Beauty?

*Bay. I’m all curled up like a chick, I mean like an egg. Am I shaped like an egg?
*I thought you’d say that!

What do you love about your Dad?
Playing with him, and tackling his head!!

What do you love about your Mom?
*Hugging you.

Where would you like to go on vacation this year?

What is your number one wish for this year?
To be a mermaid to live in the sea.

What is your favorite TV show?

*Mickey Mouse.

Thank you for your interview Hannah Deibel. I appreciate your time.

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