Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The last few...

Yeah! We've reached the end! Now, there are a ton of pictures we could show you, but what we've done is posted a few that really shows what our trip was like. The last bunch here is just some random pictures from different parts of the week. Hope you enjoy!

When we got to our villa in Tuscany, this guy was in the road. Now since I was the only one in the car with her, I have to tell you (with her permission) that Jen was a trooper...shrieking, jumping at every movement the beast made, the whole bit. At one point she may have considered crawling out of the window and standing on the car...but alas, I got my picture, and we simply drove away.

Of course, you go to Italy, and what is one of the most important things there to experience? The food! Jen and I are having lunch at a cafe in Positano looking out over the cliff. Ravioli and lasagna...awesome

And no week in Italy can be done without partaking in more than a few pizzas (partly because you save money doing this as it's the cheapest food you can find, but mostly because they're awesome)

One tradition that we love in Europe is that all the cars used here for brides on their wedding day get decorated. We were walking around a quiet hill-town and saw this. I thought about photoshopping in a couple '53's and some stripes, but I didn't...but we did, however, find the real Love Bug!

Jen took this off the back of the scooter. It's not too often you find a boat that blue actually match the water it's sitting in!

Alright - funny story with this one: This couple is in the Square in Pisa "holding up the tower." I was just trying to get a good angle to take a picture of the tower when I noticed a bunch of laughter coming from the group this couple was a part of. It took several minutes for them to get the pose right and the camera lined up for the picture to work, but in the mean time it was funny: One of the women in the group said (with a posh British accent), "I don't like that's not proper!"

Picture of the facing of the Duomo in Pisa

We saw many great back alleys and walk-ways as we were touring around. I love places like this because there's a bit of mystery to them; where does it lead? what's at the other side? Sometimes the look of the actual path is more exciting than what the path is for...and it makes for great scenes!

Another back alley...

And finally...a sculpture done by Michelangelo that sits in the Duomo in Siena. This one is accompanied by 5 other sculptures done by other artists. he truly was amazing as you could see standing there the difference in his work versus others. His is SO much better; much more detail, much more life-like. This is of St. Peter...

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