Saturday, October 27, 2007

A phrase I never thought I'd say, but did....

"No, let's not smell the moth."

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Day in the Life of the Deibel Girls

We thought you'd like a peek inside a typical day for the Deibel girls....

1. Wake up, check the calendar for the day's events, eat breakfast, play...

2. After a morning of hard play, we indulge in a delicious, nutritious lunch, followed by a nice "nap" (aka - playing in our beds).

3. Sort the mail, pay bills, scowl at any interruptions, such as pesky paparazzi...

4. Finish paying the bills...don't forget this one, Dad!

5. Get out for a bit of exercise and enjoy the nice cool weather (finally!)

6. Sucker Mom into staying out just a bit longer....Say, Mom, how 'bout getting us some shades, eh?

7. Finally, after a long day of play, going for walks, doing a little work, we all settle in for the night.....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Photo Shoot

Wow, its a bumper crop of posts for the Deibel Crew this week! LOL We're finally have some more fall-like weahter (not quite fall weather, but getting closer) so I took the girls outside for a bit yesterday and got some great shots and of course just HAD to share them. Cailyn was been a bit more cooperative with photos than Hannah, that's why there's so many more of Cailyn.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

That's What Daddies Are For

Ever since Hannah was about 6 weeks old, Daddy has been the primary bath giver. Its their special time together and they both LOVE it. Well, occasionally, Daddy gets a bit creative with Hannah's hair (Ahhh, so THAT'S where she gets her desire to do Cailyn's do!!). I came out from putting Cailyn to bed last night to Seth chuckling and telling me to look at the pictures on the camera. The photos below are what I found. I know I just did 2 new posts this week, but I HAD to put these on here. I STILL laugh out loud EVERY time I look at them!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More random cuteness

Hannah crashed on our bed when she was sick

Sweet potato face

Havin' fun!

My new smile I do

Sweet girl!

Look what Daddy taught me!

No more for me, thanks, I'm driving...


Well, we had a couple of breakthroughs today in Cailyn's life. First of all - she took a paci!!! Several times today, she accepted a pacifier and kept it in her mouth! She even kept it in her mouth about 20 mintues while I shopped around Target! This is HUGE!!! Other than one particular teether toy, she does not put ANYTHING in her mouth unless it has skin on it. She doesn't gum or mouth her toys or anything! Also, this is the first time she's accepted a pacifier since she was about 10 weeks old w/out screaming like we were skinning her alive! This bolsters my hopes that we can eventually get her to take a bottle...I'd like to start with one a day. So, I decided to give it a try today....she'd have none of it with me. I tried giving her formula with a syringe, but she seems to hate the taste. That is until Hannah got involved! I don't know how much (if any) she drank, but she had more fun with sister holding that bottle than Mommy!!

We also put Cailyn in her big girl high chair for the first time. I remember thinking Hannah looked so small when we put her in her high chair for the first time (which wasn't until she was almost 9 months old!) and Cailyn just seemed so big and grown up! I've included pics of the days events (haven't caught a pic with the paci just yet, though) and even added one of Hannah on her first day in the chair. Keep in mind, Cailyn is 4 days away from 6 months old and Hannah was a week away from 9 months old in the pic!!