Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Row Your Boat

One of the things I love about Ireland is the connection it's always had with fishing. Being surrounded by the ocean, and countless streams and rivers, it's not wonder that fishing has been so important to life. Salmon and trout can be found inland, and many fish such as cod, mackerel and Herring are found in the shores off the coasts; not to mention crabs, lobster and oysters. And to fish, you need boats! On a recent outing, I took some shots of these boats seemingly resting after long days of fishing.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Classes, Parents and Tonsils - oh my!

Wow, we've had quite the month!! At the beginning of June, we had some colleagues who are based in another country come for a visit for a few days. We had lots of fun hanging out and taking them to some of our favorite places.

Then, just a couple of days after they left, my (Jen's) parents came for a visit! While it was really great to see them, it was really a working visit. Seth and I had a two week intensive language class, and were unable to find local childcare for the whole time. We were gone from 9-5 everyday for two weeks!! So, Granny and Papa made the sacrifice ;o) to come and watch the girls for us. They got here a few days before class started to give themselves time to get over jet lag and get comfortable with driving - that's right, they drove!! During those days, we were able to enjoy hanging out, enjoy the AMAZING weather, and get out to see some of our favorite spots.

I have not updated before now because the past 2 weeks or so our household has been down with sicky bugs. It all started with Cailyn getting an ear infection. Once she cleared up, me and Hannah came down with a horrible case of tonsilitis (still getting over it!) and all four of us had conjunctivitis - some of us more than once!

So, this post is pretty heavy on the pics, and really only covers the first couple of days they were here. LOL So, more to come as I get the energy to comb through all the pics, resize them, and post them.

Thanks, again, Granny and Papa, for coming all this way to hang out with our kids! It was a great time for all of us, and really helped us both be able to focus on our class.
In the front garden blowing bubbles with Granny

Cailyn helping Granny (love the sweet smile!)

Can't you just hear the giggle that came out of her mouth just seconds after this shot??

At a really cool friary where you get to go all around and explore. The girls know this place well, and it is still one of their favorite spots!

Enjoying some family time!

Hamming it up for Daddy!

Sweet Sisters!

Now it's Granny and Papa's turn!

Cool shades, man!

Hannah LOVES to take pictures! She has her own digital camera (thanks Grammy and Grandpa!!), but for some reason, she still managed to fanagle taking a few pics with Granny's camera!

Running to take a look at something interesting...

I love the concentration on her face!!

And the joy of her creation!

No time with Granny and Papa would be complete without books - lots, and lots of books! Granny is reading in this pic, but you won't believe it: Hannah is reading!! We thought she just had all her books memorized. But, she picked up a new book Granny had brought with her and just read it! I'd say she's at at least a 1st grade level, if not closer to 2nd! We're so proud of her!!
Not to be left out, Cailyn got her fair share of books read, too! Here, she is singing her ABC's with Papa! She also loves to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Maybe it's the tune she likes??