Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

There were two young princesses living in an enchanted land far, far away. The princesses loved to play, run, and pretend all day long. One day, the Royal Granny and Papa sent a box to the princesses, full of some dress up clothes. The princesses spent the afternoon romping around the house, er, castle in their new diggs.

"E.T., E.T., E.T...."

I love Cailyn's "strike a pose" look

This what Hannah did when I said, "Smile like a princess!"

"Hello?? Anyone there??"

But, alas, the day was too much for the princesses, and they retired to the couch for a royal kids' show before bed. These two may be as different as night and day, but they sure are the same, too!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Fun Friday

One of the things we really love about this stage in our family's life is setting new traditions and routines. The first three weeks we were here, we weren't able to get out and do many fun things b/c one or more of us were sick.

Finally, on a Friday night, we were all healthy and a bit stir crazy. So, we declared it Family Fun Friday and we went and got take-away and watched a movie at home while we ate. So, the next Friday, the kids insisted we do Family Fun Friday again, and thus our newest tradition was born.

Every Friday afternoon, after the kids get up from nap, is the official start to Family Fun Friday. It usually consists of going to the pool or playground, getting some kind of take-away or going out to eat, and watching a movie at home. We all really look forward to it all week!

This week had been extremely busy and exhuasting for all of us, and none of us were really up to going OUT to do something (even Hannah asked to stay home!). The day had already been chalk-a-block with Seth and I having coffee with some friends in the morning, then Hannah and I going to her friend's house for a play date. So, with the awesome weather we've had this week, we all decided to go for a leisurely walk for our fun activity. It was a blast! We drove down the main road just a bit to a nice quiet side road that lead down to the ocean front.
The majority of the trees here are slanted like that - from being windblown their whole lives!!

The best part of spring - LAMBS!!

I wish I could've caught the pounce-ee's reaction on camera!

Watching the lambs with her telescope

On a mission towards the beach front

She all of the sudden started "modelling"

Looking at the flowers

"Here, Cailyn, you take a look!"

She sure loves her Daddy!

Mommy's turn!

Striking a few more poses

Cailyn "flying", complete with engine sounds - we've never seen her do this before!

A great end to our walk - as we headed back to go get dinner, the little lambs were right by the fence!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paddy's Day - Part 2!

So, after the parade, as you can imagine, we were all exhuasted. So, we weren't too surprised when about five minutes after we got in the car we looked in the back seat and saw this:

This was the first really warm day we've had, and we knew there was only one place to go. You see, we're near the beach ALL the time. We all LOVE looking at the beach, and Hannah loves to see the "sprinkles" on the water made by the sun. However, it's been some what torturous that we're so close to the water and not been able to go to the beach. So, we headed to this great beach that is literally just a few minutes from the house.


The girls and Daddy immediately started finding things to investigate. I don't think Hannah stood up straight more than 5 minutes the whole time we were there!

We weren't really sure how crowded the beach would be, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was nice and quiet!

Beautiful sand designs made by the receding tide

Daddy and Cailyn exploring

Cailyn wasn't too sure about the water, but liked running around yelling, "Nun! Nun! Nun!!" (aka, Run! Run! Run!!)

Hannah, enjoying the view

Sweet Sisters!

This seashell now resides on our kitchen counter. :o)

Me and My Girls!

I LOVE this pic! Seth has a great way of getting creative with his shots!

More sand designs

Even Seth and I had a chance to do some soul searching...

Hannah LOVES throwing rocks into water!
"This is a BIG one!"

Pretending it's a slice of watermelon

"I love the beach!"

So tiny in the big world!
Our day ended with a nice simple supper together at home, and a gorgeous sunset:
The pefect ending to a great day!