Sunday, March 28, 2010

At the Coffee Shop

One thing that we absolutely love here is this little coffee shop in a neighboring village. We like it for many reasons; it's close, the people that run it are great, and the food is awesome! If or WHEN you ever come visit, this is a place that you will definitely be going with us! For us, this place is really kind of special. We got to Ireland during the doldrums of winter when the sun is only up for maybe 7 hours a day, if it can even be seen from behind the clouds. This cafe was the first place we ever really were able to feel comfortable being. We go to this cafe to meet our language tutors, meet friends, do some computer work, or just relax. The kids love it, and we love's our place...the place we go. Life would be different if we didn't have the chance to go!

One funny thing about it: we've posted on here a few times about the kids having these things called Baby-chinos. Basically, they're just seamed milk with a little chocolate and some marshmallows. But, it looks very similar to an espresso. This is a very common thing in Europe, but it hasn't hit American yet, or hadn't by the time we left. It's so funny for us to see the American tourists come in the cafe, see Hannah sipping her Baby-chino, and look at us like we're the worst parents in the world! Granted, it does look strange, but it's fun for us anyway.

We went today, and I took some pictures on my phone so you can see a little what it's like:

The girls enjoying their drinks...

The Baby-chino has to be just so...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pic of the day

After the parade last week as we were walking back to our car, there was some commotion going on in the river. I saw quickly that 2 male ducks were fighting for the affections of a female, so I quickly began shooting some pictures. I got some of them actually fighting in the river that I may post here soon, but there's one in particular I wanted to share; I got one of those "I got the shot I was hoping for, I just can't believe I actually got it" pictures...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!!!

Yesterday, we experienced our second St. Patrick's Day in Ireland since moving back over. We went to the city again to see the parade since we had some friends that we were meeting up with. It was a great day! With the threat of rain looming all day, the skies were kind and we enjoyed a great day! As parades go, this was probably one of the saddest I've seen to be turned into an advertising campaign more than anything as one group or club after another marched behind a hand-made sign to promote their own vernture. With that said though, it was great to be there. There are so many people that turned out, it's just a great atmosphere. Ireland is a great place to be on St. Patrick's Day without a doubt!

Just after we got to the city, the girls finished getting ready for the day with the obligatory donning of the face-paint

Cailyn getting ready to watch the parade from behind the barricade...

I loved this old man!

Come on...WHAT parade (especially a St. Patrick's Day parade) would be complete without some Storm Troopers?

Yes, here many people do get into dressing up and stuff. It's fun and people do get into it!

A troupe of kids with a different take on the Irish Flag - each one was carrying a large portion of one of the tri-colors

This is my "Grande Finale." When I heard about this happening, I was so excited! For a special treat for this years' parade, they featured William Wallace's sword! I thought it was so neat to have a piece of history literally walking before us! Everybody now...FREEEEDOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pics of Hannah...

A couple of great pictures I got of Hannah on our walk the other day...

Happy to be out in the sunshine!!

Doing a little "fishing" in a puddle

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is here!!!

A couple days ago, it was SO nice and clear...warm enough for me and the girls to actually go for a quick walk without needing our coats!! It was so nice! We're so glad that spring is here! It seems as if everyone around here is getting the buzz: More people are out walking, people are planting things in their gardens, and there's just an air of peace that has come after this really long and cold season we've had. I'm sure we're in for a little bit more chill, but the warmth is on its way!

Hannah and Cailyn posing for me by a wall just up the road from our house.
This is taken just about 100 yards up the hill from our house, looking towards the bay. Lots of houses around us!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Warning - do NOT stand on the blanket...

So, every parent has this happen; you have the video tape rolling, getting ready to get your kids to do something for the camera, and then an unexpected fall happens. And while that fall is sad and causes temporary sadness, the end result is a funny blooper that is great for a laugh. With that said, I give you last night...I was getting ready to film the girls singing Happy Birthday for their Granny, when Cailyn stood on Hannah's blanket. See how Hannah "handled" this one!