Friday, October 22, 2010

Proud dad and an experiment...

Our family went out for a quick meal tonight, which was great...really the first time all 5 of us went somewhere together (other than a quick trip to the doctor yesterday, but we're not counting that!) Well, tonight was just a gorgeous night...the full moon and the crisp clear air after all the rainfall we had today. I went out to take some shots of the moon with the help of the girls, and then I got an idea; I've seen many examples of a photo-technique called "light-painting" and I thought I'd give it a quick try. And what better thing to do than paint my new son's name in lights! It's not the best light painting I've ever seen, but not bad for my first go!


Granny & Papa said...

very cool, you'll have to show me how you do that when I come!
Did you all fit into the car?

Dee said...!!!! well done!