Saturday, December 18, 2010

Isaac helping us Christmas shop...

With the way things are here, with us having the one car, the lack of time during the day due to the girls' school schedule, traffic always unbearable around Christmas time (that and because of the "snow" we've received making traffic move especially slow - but that's another story...) we weren't sure how we were going to accomplish Christmas shopping. Luckily, an opportunity came up for us yesterday where we had to be in the city. Jen had a follow up visit at the hospital for all the post-delivery "fun" she was having just after Isaac was born. Glad to report that she's doing great, and everything is still on track for her recovery wise, so we praise the Lord for that! Anyway, surprisingly the appointment actually didn't take 4 hours, and we had a brief window to get to the toy shop, get our stuff, and make it home to pick up the girls from school. Of course, this meant Isaac was with us. We'd left his stroller at home, so we just set him in the trolley. (Yes, I said cart to most of you). See, Isaac has a wonderful trait about him. When it's about nap time, if he goes for a ride in the car, he's out. Like a light. We say this is wonderful, because he's the only one of the 3 to do this. Hannah would just stay awake. Anyone that knows Hannah now can see this; that's just a part of who she is - having to see what's going on around her, figuring stuff out, etc. Cailyn screamed. All the time. From the moment she was set in her seat, to the moment you rescued her from the torturous trap, she screamed. Isaac loves his seat. He sleeps. If he's really ready for a nap, he'll be asleep before we get past the gate leading to our house. Well, by the time we got to the shop after he'd been awake during Jen's appointment, he was asleep again, so we just left him. And so, he got to help us with our shopping! We got several strange looks, piling all the presents we had to buy around him like that, and more than a few double-takes from people inspecting our cart as we walked by. It was funny, Isaac was cute. He's the pic.

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