Friday, October 15, 2010

Hannah and Cailyn come to meet Isaac

Oh, what a GREAT night last night! Hannah and Cailyn were able to come to the hospital last night and visit Isaac for the first time, and boy were they happy!!! Isaac was in great form, and loved meeting his sisters. He really did act like he knew them! Both girls got to hold him, and it was just a great time...the first time our whole family was together! As I combed through all the pictures that were taken, tears have come many times because I am SO incredibly blessed with a wonderful family!

A big thank you also to our friends W & D who have been watching the girls, really since all this started for us Tuesday morning, and they were our photo/video crew for the event...guys, this week has been really amazing with all the help you've given us. We appreciate you so much!!

Anyway...enough talk! How 'bout those pictures!!!! ;)

Hannah seeing him for the first time

And then Cailyn's turn

Both girls really were anxious to give him kisses!

Hannah getting to hold him for the first time

And then Cailyn got her chance. She was so taken with him!

Isaac was so thoughtful and brought them princess dolls as presents!!

Isaac needed a little help from his sisters opening their gifts to him...

First picture of 5 member Deibel Crew

Cailyn got another chance to hold him before we headed home

Amazing how tiny he is, huh? I love this picture of us!!

Sweet picture of the new big sister holding her brother

Not sure if you can tell but Hannah REALLY loves her new brother! Love this shot!!!!


Marc and Charity said...

Those are GREAT pics. Jenn you look awesome, are you sure you just had a baby??? :)

The girls are in love with baby brother! So sweet.

M.S.F. said...

I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. I loved getting to know your girls, and wish I could meet the new little man.

Granny & Papa said...

words aren't enough.......God is truly amazing!!! How incredibly beautiful.....

Cyndi said...

These are beautiful!! Shed some tears of joy for ya'll :)

Dee said...

congrats you guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh man...just beautiful.

Jenn Shetter said...

He is sooo cute!! I love all the pics and had a hard time seeing them with all the tears! Wish we could be there to hold him before he gets too big! Love you guys!!

Jenn Shetter

Jill said...

Fantastic!! What a great family you are! Just beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so beautiful I actually teared up a little! We love you all and miss you. What a blessing little Isaac already is!