Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Red Arrows!

This morning my friend and I went to the city for an airshow put on by the British Air Forces "Red Arrows."  They're the equivalent to the Blue Angels of the US Navy.  It was an amazing display of skill, and I simply blown away.  It was such a nice day...clear skies, warm weather.   Pictures can't make it clear enough just how cool the jets flying at high speed in tight formation or making low passes in what it seems to be inches from each other, but I was able to capture some pictures that I liked and wanted to share.  Enjoy!

All the planes exiting their formation

One plane crossing through the formation

One of those rare instances when you "get what you're going for." I zoomed in on the shot from above, and it looks as if the planes have absolutely no space between them when they're passing. 

Coming around their turn just over the top of a the red color of the planes!

I caught them coming straight at me on another pass. Unbelievable to me how precise their formation is as they're flying.  To me, formation flying really is artistic!

Crossing in front close enough for a group shot


granny martin said...

Wow! Those are incredible shots! I'm with you on the artistic part, and the 'back-at-ya-' shot shows how precise their alignment is - amazing! Makes me wish we could've seen the show too!

Dee said...

that's impressive!!! it must have been hard to get all these great pics!!

The Blessed Bryants said...

Wow! How neat is that! I went to something similar one time and was just amazed. Great pictures!! So glad you shared them.

Ruth MacC said...

I think you did really well with the photos. I would like to see a show like that some day.