Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amazing waterfall

Here's the waterfall we stopped at.  It's amazing...set back against a hill side and tucked into a stand of trees.  We got a bunch of great shots, and wanted to show some of what we got!

Our adventurers have discovered it!

Interesting shot of the steps that run next to the river

Great shot Jen!

sweet girls aren't they?

The lake the river runs into.  Just gorgeous!

I thought this shot was neat.  Our girls have an awesome mommy!


Stacie said...

Your girls DO have an awesome Mommy!

Those pictures are just beautiful!

Bee Free said...

The Leedy's and I want to know what kind of camera you have...the pictures you take are absolutely beautiful!!

Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

Thanks! We have a Nikon D-80. :o) And we LOVE it!!

The Everett Family said...

Ya'll really do live in a magical place. Beautiful scenery everywhere! We sure hope we can come visit sometime.

Ruth MacC said...

I know that place! I was there with Sean when he was only these months old. It's beautiful.

alice said...

I love the girls and Mommy picture. You guys are on the greatest adventure it seems. The scenery is so beautiful it makes me wish I could be there, too. But what I love most is seing the pictures of the girls and their mommy and daddy enjoying what they do.

The Kilcoynes said...

Wow! Beautiful!