Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, we are a week or so behind in our postings about family life. As I write this blog, it is no longer necessary to wear jackets down by the water! Today we are all in shorts and tee-shirts/tank tops and sandals! Ah, but that's another post altogther. :o)

So, the first warm day in awhile that we had, we headed down to the beach to make some sand castles!

Mr. W came down to join the fun, too! Look at the concentration on their faces!

This shot reminds me of some pictures my grandma had hanging in her house

So fun!!

Cool "cloud road"!

Gorgeous view!


Mr. W. said...

The key to good castle making is all in the hand action....

Dee said...

i'm not sure who was more serious about the sand castles, seth and w or the kids?!?

Anonymous said...

that looks great but you should come to the beachs where you do not have to wear long pants. You can actually wear a bathing suits here.