Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ireland - A Magical Place!

Two very magical things happened in Ireland this week! You read about things like this happening in fairy tale books and folklore, but you never think you will witness it for yourself!

First of all, a Burger King opened in the city near us! This may not seem too magical to you, but if you went as long as we have here without a Burger King, you'd understand. ;o) We went with some American friends and it was truly a magical day!

Hannah sitting next to Miss D, playing her straw flute.

The other magical thing this week was a fairy flew into our house! She got stuck inside and just sat longingly at the window looking out until someone let her out to play...


Granny M said...

Life is truly good! It must be fairy season there, Mr. W. posted a 'ground-breaking' fairy sighting as well!
I think YOUR fairy must be the Princess of the clan, tho', adorable!

Stacie said...

YAY for Burger King! And that is one precious fairy you have there.

Basha's Mama said...

It feels like Ireland here this weekend (except a lot warmer). I like BK's fries the best. I wonder if they taste the same in Ireland? Maybe I'll have to come over and test them. :) I love the Fairy outift!

Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

Basha's Mama - come on over! :o)

Granny - you know it! Though, I'd say we have 2 royal wee ones floating about this castle. LOL

Granny & Papa said...

Aye, 'tis true! I think you live in a fairy kingdom, for sure.
I saw the 'other' fairie playing her flute in glee at the BK!