Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cliffs of Moher

A couple of weeks ago, some fellow American friends came over from Dublin to visit for a couple of days. We took them to one of our most favorite places in the country (though we have several).

The first time we went to the Cliffs of Moher (pronounced MOW-herr), was 7 years ago, and I'll never forget the sense of awe we both felt the first time we saw them. A lot has changed as far as where you can walk, etc, but they still remain just as majestic as ever. I also love the factoid that the Cliffs of Insanity scene in The Princess Bride was filmed here. :o)

A scenic look out on the way

When we got there, it wasn't too cold, but by golly it was windy! It was also after lunch and quickly approaching nap time, so Cailyn snuggled in for awhile.

Daddy and his girls...not sure why they look so nervous??

Hannah and her new friend, K, who is 12. Hannah thought K was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I love the way she's looking up at her..."Imagine me and you, I do...." :o)

Can you see the face in the cliff side?

They just seem to go on forever!

The first time we were here, some *ahem* people we knew laid down on the very edge and dropped a huge took 16 seconds for it to hit the water.

Speaking of hitting the the top left of this pic, you can see a fence. That wasn't there the first time we came, but it's there now, for pretty obvious reasons. Unstable seacliffs, strongs winds coming in off the ater, and idioic people make for a bad combination. On that fence is a plaque in memory of all who have lost their lives here. Having said that, there are still countless numbers who climb the fence and take a walk in the wide, wide world...and teeter out onto what I have dubbed "Idiot Point."

Trying to get a closer look...

At the top right of this pic, in the hillside, you can see some dark sort of polygon shapes. Those are the windows for the visitors center! It's like a scene out of Hobbiton or something! Last time we were here, there was a freestanding building that was far too tiny to accomodate the growing numbers of tourists coming each day.

Soaking up some sun while she can

While the lads went exploring, the girls enterained themselves with some climbing...

...climbing on benches, NOT the wall. LOL

We came back via the "coast road". I know now why they call it're practically driving in the ocean! Anyway, most of the way home we had a view across the bay of our own home! The windmills are our landmarks, and while we weren't EXACTLY sure where, our house is somewhere in the area of the orange arrow.


sinclair said...

awesome shots!!!

Granny M said...

I guess when you put people and nature together, the result is stupid behavior, no matter WHERE in the world you are! Your stories sound much like the stories we hear and people we see in Yellowstone Park--kicking buffalo, walking on unstable ground, throwing things into geysers........duuuh!
Your shots are incredible, as always. The girls look really happy!

Stacie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

MiddleEastandBeyond said...

The last pic of the water and beach looks similar to the Red Sea that we had the opportunity to visit this month...breath taking! Keep up the good pics, they are wonderful!

Amy said...

Such bright colors... makes for beautiful pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and miss your little faces! Grammy

The Blessed Bryants said...

Those pictures are beautiful!!! I want to visit you!!! :-)