Friday, January 4, 2008

The trip out, McCormick Train Park & Christmas #1

We had a WONDERFUL time in Arizona with our families! We just got home this afternoon (the 4th). It was a bittersweet leaving.....we weren't ready to leave family, but we were looking forward to sleeping in our own pillowtop, kingsize bed! LOL It will take us awhile to blog all of what we did, so where is the latest installment.

The girls did GREAT on the trip out! Cailyn slept a LITTLE,
but mostly they just charmed everyone on the plane!

Daddy did a great job of keeping an eye on Cailyn while I went to the toidy! ;o)

Cailyn had a great time using Big Sister's seat - a nice break from Mommy's lap!! But where's sister??

Hannah found a little spot for her to sit and read glad she had her own paid for seat to sit in!
Once in Arizona, we had a fun time going to the McCormick Railroad park with Granny, Papa, Great Grandpa, Ms. Marilyn and her son, Mr. Steve. Its this neat park that has several playgrounds, a carousel, and a couple of different little trains that you can ride. At Christmas time, they have all kinds of little Christmas things set up and at night the train goes through a light display....we tried to take pictures, but they didn't quite turn out. :o/
Cailyn the elf
Hannah the snowman

Hannah and the train all lit up for Christmas!

Riding the train together!!
Not only did we get to ride trains and carousels, but we got to open presents!! Hannah played Santa and helped pass out gifts to Mommy, Daddy, Cailyn, Great Grandpa, Granny, Papa, and Uncle Thom. She was so sweet - each time she gave a gift to someone she would whisper "Merry Christmas" so sweetly. I know there's not too many pics of the girls opening gifts. But, there were almost 900 pictures on the camera after just the first few days, so we just picked a few good ones. :o)

Hannah snuggling with Great Grandpa
Wearing the scarf and hat Uncle Thom made!

She loves her Care Bear!

More plushy goodness!
This gift thing is fun!

Hannah and Cailyn were given matching jogging suits by Granny and Papa - they look so cute! We'll post a pic of them in them later.

So, that's the first few days in Arizona! There's LOTS more to come! So, check back soon!

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