Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flying High

My dad owns a Cessna airplane that my brother and I learned to fly in. Each time I come home, I try to get a flight in. This Christmas, we had a chance to go for a flight, and Hannah got her very first plane ride!! My brother has a couple of toddler size head sets, so we strapped in, and away we went. It was an absolute gorgeous day...about mid 40's, no wind, and beautiful sunshine. My brother was our pilot, and it was an awesome flight. There is snow all over the peaks and the was great to see it all from the air. Here's a few photos from the day.

Ready to go!!

I took this picture just after we took off. We're looking northeast back at the runway. I love the way the airport looks when it's outlined in snow.

Hannah is having a great time...this is a couple minutes after takeoff and we're about 1,000 feet off the ground. I was a little worried about what she would think about it, but my fearless little girl just loved it!

Great view of the San Fransisco Peaks from the cockpit just outside of Flagstaff

We flew over my brothers' house that is at the foot of the Peaks. We're circiling 1000 feet can see Jen and my Sister-in-law Leanna and her mom outside waving us on. (between the cars and the house)

Another great shot of the Peaks

Coming in for a landing...this is about 300 feet off the ground, going about 65 mph. We'll touch down on the numbers at the end of the arrows. (the arrows signify a take-off only section of the runway...the landing zone is where the numbers are painted)

Hannah had a great time. Here she is next to the plane saying, "I did it Daddy!!

Uncle Adam did a great job flying!!

The last step is to park the plane. Hannah and her cousins are helping push it back in the hangar for another day.


Amy said...

Wow! What a cool experience! It did take me a while to figure out, though, that Jen was not the one flying! LOL

Laurel said...

Miss Hannah is way braver than I am. The one time I took a lil trip in a plane around the peaks I was scared to death! Glad you guys are enjoying Flag!!