Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hannah's Birthday Festivities

Ok, here are some pics from Hannah's birthday, finally!! Its been a bit hectic around here (when isn't it, right??). We had a really great time for Hannah's birthday. Her actual bday fell on a Sunday, so she took mini cupcakes to Sunday School class to celebrate. We then had a birthday party the following Saturday. Boy, was THAT a long week - for all of us!! Its just so hard for a 3 year old to comprehend why in the world she can't open presents or eat birthday cake yet!
Hannah enjoying the last cupcake after lunch on her birthday

I decided to make Hannah's cake this year and went back and forth for a long time on what to make. I finally settled on Cinderella's coach (for many reasons). I think it turned out cute...not exactly how I had it in my head, but she seemed to like it and it tasted yummy!!

The finished product

I didn't want to serve it to anyone after it was done...I wanted to preserve it after all that work! LOL

Hannah seeing the cake for the first time. She was very excited and had a hard time not touching it.

We had some of Hannah's best friends and their parents over for dinner the Saturday after her birthday. We had 7 kids under 7 here! But boy was it fun! We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and had potato salad, baked beans (which ended up all over Hannah's face and I somehow managed not to notice until AFTER all the pictures had been taken!), and salad. It was a really great night.
Hannah opening gifts.

Its a funny thing when kids watch other kids open gifts. When we started, they were all in a nice little semi-circle about 2.5 feet away from Hannah. But the end, they were huddled around her and Hannah was turned toward the fireplace like she was trying to protect a football on a drive or something! haha

More gifts!

Early on in the proceedings...

Cailyn and Cassidy had more interesting things to do, apparantly

Modeling her new jammies!
I think this was my favorite part of the night. Not because it involved the cake (hehe), but because while everyone sang to her, she sang along! It was priceless!!

Blowing out the candle! She chose the number 3 candle as opposed to using 3 seperate candles. What can I say, she knows what she wants!

Finally tasting the treasured cake - boy, she sure seems to like it....right??

More jammies! We just HAD to wear them that very night...and are still wearing them!!

It was a really great time, and I can't believe she's 3. I've just been watching her the past week or so and I'm realizing how grown up she's really getting....and yet still such a baby! She can now go to the potty all by herself when we're at the office....she goes down there, does her stuff and comes back all by herself! She puts all her clothes on by herself (most of the time). She can write some letters, say the alphabet and count. She has a memory like a steel trap. She's very independant and does nearly everything for herself (or at least tries to). And yet, we still snuggle on the couch together, she still must have her blankie at all times, and even though she's a "big girl" now, at times I look at her and she is so small and vulnerable. *sigh* I never thought parenthood would be so joyful and painful at the same time.

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