Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Final Blitz

So, today was Hannah's last camogie blitz until the fall. They've had 5 blitzes, will train all summer, then have 5 more blitzes in September, and then the season is over until spring. A blitz is where several teams meet at one field and play several short matches, rotating who they play. Hannah's played as many as six matches at one blitz! But, thankfully, today she only played 3. Anyway, here's what a typical blitz looks like for our wee family:

Cailyn and her friend poised to watch the action

Isaac hanging in his stroller (this is the day after we were running around in shorts and t-shirst roasting!)

Daddy and his boy enjoying a day of sports

Playing a little game of their own

Cailyn "cheering" on her sister (aka practicing summersaults)

To start the game, 6 or 7 girls huddle up and they toss the ball into the group.

Hannah starting off the game (she's the one in the red helmet and purple polka dot socks)
Poised for action!

Half time. Getting a drink and some words of wisdom from Daddy

After the blitz, since we were already in the city, we went for some lunch and to check out a new shop we've been hearing about. But that's another post...

After a long, busy day of sports, eating and shopping, everyone needed to blow off a little steam:

It was a really great day, despite the cooler-than-expected temperatures. Hannah has really enjoyed her camogie experience, but thinks maybe next she wants to try Irish dancing...

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