Thursday, June 9, 2011

Comfort Food

Ok, so we know that food is just And we've found some local fare here that we just can't get anywhere else, that we crave and pine for when we are away from here. However, there are a few American delicacies that we can't find here. Slowly but surely, they seem to be finding their way over here at different times.

For a week or so now, we've been hearing about this new shop in the city:

This shop carries all kinds of sweets and treats from around the world, but mainly America! We were excited to go and see what kind of things they had. A sweet coincidence? This shop happens to be directly across from this place:
A Mexican food restaurant. The people who opened this place spent 6 months in New Mexico and Arizona learning how to make authentic Mexican food (read: NOT Tex-Mex). It's AWESOME! So, we had ourselves some Mexican food for lunch, and then went to Candyland and got this stuff:
They had loads more American delicacies, but we limited ourselves to these things for our first run. The candy prices are a bit steep (which is probably a good thing), but their sodas are only E 1.50! Most times imported sodas run upwards of 4 euro! These are the same price as any soft drink!


Arnett, Crystal, and Zeke said...

I think one of the "reactions" should be...JEALOUS!!! So happy you guys got to have a little taste of America and Mexico!! :~)

Marc and Charity said...

So jealous of your La Salsa place, sounds so good!!!