Thursday, June 17, 2010

The warmth of the sun...

We have had some amazing weather this week! I think summer came in full when we weren't looking. It's so great when the weather is like this...everybody, and I mean everybody is outside; working in the garden, staring at the ocean, having a cup of coffee or tea while the sun beats down on them - it's all great. It's amazing the way it changes the mood of the place; Ireland is so "warm climate" in their culture in terms of relationships in that they're always willing to talk, friendly, and enjoy a chat. But with the sun and the amazing warmth, that's even more so. We see so many people that are normally just going about their daily routine outside enjoying the beauty. You may think it's a bit extreme, but people around here have learned: enjoy it while it lasts. I remember last August lighting fires because the warm weather didn't stay. When it's here, it's to be enjoyed like it's going away tomorrow...because, it just might!

A couple of pics of the girls savaging for sea shells. I was about to start fixing dinner when I decided a quick walk on the beach was in order. They love the beach!

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