Friday, June 4, 2010

A Sneak Peek at the Newest Deibel

This has been an exciting week for our little Crew! We had our "big" doctor's appointment this week and were able to get an ultrasound of our little Pumpkin. We were all anxiously awaiting this day, hoping baby would cooperate in allowing us to find out if we were having a sister or a brother!

Most importantly, we found out that baby is perfectly healthy, right on track with grown, and all organs and limbs look perfect. When the scan started, baby was sitting in the breech position, with it's bottom down and head up pointing towards my lungs. In this position, it's often difficult to get a good gender shot, but our little one cooperated anyway.
Baby Deibel, with pointer finger on lips, pondering whether or not to let us see if it's a boy or girl
Thankfully, they decided to cooperate and showed us that they are a healthy....
This little piggy went to market....

Flexing his muscles for Daddy

A look right at his face; looks a lot like a scan pic we have of Hannah!

Profile shot - mouth open, ready to suck his thumb!!

Another profile shot, hand up by his face

We are all so happy and excited to be welcoming a boy into our family! His name will be forthcoming soon!!


Em said...

Congrats!!! The ultrasound pics are wonderful. I know I'm biased, but baby boys are pretty nice! :o)

Ruth MacC said...

I am delighted for the four of you. I biased too, boys are great!