Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sports Day

Every year, the schools have "sports days" where they load the kids in the buses, take them to the local field and have a day filled with games. It's a great day, and all the kids get to participate. The older kids have some games like the distance run and high jump that Hannah didn't get to take part in, but she got to do a lot. It was a great day today to be out! The sun was shining, and there were lots of people from the community there as well. We got to talk to a lot of people that we normally wouldn't see for more than a few minutes, so that was really good. I took lots of photos (of course) and just enjoyed the day. Here's some pics of Hannah's Sports Day!

Hannah in the wheelbarrow race

Potato sack (or actually a coal sack) race

The egg in the spoon race - of course, we live in Ireland, so they use Potatoes instead...

Having fun doing some Simon-says games

Can you tell she got worn out??

Cailyn came with us, of course...and had to have her own events. Not sure what she's doing here...it was almost a somersault, but then she stopped. But she was proud of whatever it was!

Cailyn asked us to sit in the stands so she could give us a show. She did her best ballerina dance for us!

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Mike and Brittany said...

your kids are such a hoot. Looks like there was fun to be had by all. Richmond is in the grips of a lovely, muggy, humid heat wave and tick ambush. Playing outside here isn't nearly as fun.