Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Amusement

Yesterday, my friend W and I went to the city on some business.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, and we really had a good time and got some of the work done that we needed to.  As most people would know, the more time you spend going to a city center or a place where people gather, odds are there are going to be moments where you see something that just strikes you as funny.  Well, yesterday was one of those days:

W and I had finished some of the business near the city center, and were walking to the car to go to another part of the city.  Walking along shop street, there were the usual suspects; artists selling freshly painted canvases, henna tattoo artists, and of course, many people singing or playing instruments with the hopes that people will appreciate their efforts and drop some change in their guitar case.  Well, there was one such lad, that actually resembled the son of someone we know, so our attention was a little drawn to him.  As we passed him by, he was singing, and I noticed that indeed some people had in fact given him some money.  Well, I noticed that I wasn't the only one to see the money.  There was a group of young teenage girls that were also trying to collect money in buckets for a heart drive or something of that nature - a good cause to be sure.  Well, when the guitar playing lad stopped his song, I saw one girl kind of think to herself, and you could almost hear her think, "yeah, why not!" So, she heads over the the panhandling lad and asks, "would you like to make a donation?"  The guy looked at her like, "are you serious?!?" We were laughing at what we saw ... a veritable battle of the beggars right there on the shop street!


Ruth MacC said...

That's well worth posting!

The Kilcoynes said...

Did you get that on tape? Sounds funny!