Sunday, April 26, 2009

1005 - A Photo Odessy!

So, our schedule has been so crazy lately. So, when we've had quiet moments at home, I've either wanted to spend them with Seth and the kids, or sleep. LOL So, when I finally got around to getting photos off the camera, there were 1005 of them!!!

Seth did a couple of posts over the past couple of weeks, which helps, since the photos on the camera go back about a month. So, this is the oldest set of pics that were on it.

It was one of the first warm(ish) days we'd had (we've since had several that were warmer!!) and everyone had told us about these woods about 20 minutes from the house where we just "had" to go see. There's some great trails, tons of trees, a playground, and lots of rocks and tree stumps to climb on and explore. The kids had a blast just running willy-nilly and exploring all over the place. We had fun just being outside all 4 of us and watching the kids have fun. These woods are absolutely gorgeous. We need to go back now that things will be even more in bloom. But, the whole thing is covered in this green moss, that the pics just can't capture true to life. It was like walking in a scene from Lord of the Rings or something. It was amazing!
We're outside and can run and jump and climb!!

Indulging Mom and Dad in posing for a pic

"A bridge!!!!" Hannah was so excited to see this bridge and play on/around it. She made a bee-line straight for it at near lightning speed!

On another rock. They are so excited b/c they both climbed up ontop of it all by themselves!

Hannah helping Cailyn down off the rock - so sweet!

There were all kinds of interesting shaped trees, but by far the most fascinating was this one - that Hannah deemed a Honey Tree. Both kids spent a good long while looking in this hole for honey, and calling out, "Heeelllllooooo?!?!" at the top of their lungs. I can only assume they were looking for Winnie the Pooh??

We all spent a lot of time climbing around this tree and looking at all the interesting things to see in and around it. Yes, that is a huge boulder that the roots are growing over!

Not to be outdone, Cailyn climbed up as well, and was quite pleased with herself! Her new way to rejoice in her accomplishments is to fling her hands up and either say, "Ta-daaa!" (much like Hannah used to do!) or say, "Woo-hoo!!!"

We finished off our little outting by heading to one of our favorite coffee shops for brunch and coffee/babyccinos. This place is fun b/c you never know what design they are going to put on your drink. :o)


Basha's Mama said...

Those drinks look awesome. Oh yeah the other pics too... :) If you threw in a picture of a tort I'd probably book my flight.

Granny M said...

Magical!! I can't wait for Hannah and Cailyn to show us the Honey Tree!
Not to mention those rockin' babiccinos!

Ruth MacC said...

The first thing that came to mind looking at the photos was Winnie the pooh!
I like the look of the coffee:-)

Marc and Charity said...

Great pics! That tree is awesome!

(it's 11:34pm...dang it!) :)

Amy said...

Great pics! And what fun coffee designs!!