Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paddy's Day - Part 2!

So, after the parade, as you can imagine, we were all exhuasted. So, we weren't too surprised when about five minutes after we got in the car we looked in the back seat and saw this:

This was the first really warm day we've had, and we knew there was only one place to go. You see, we're near the beach ALL the time. We all LOVE looking at the beach, and Hannah loves to see the "sprinkles" on the water made by the sun. However, it's been some what torturous that we're so close to the water and not been able to go to the beach. So, we headed to this great beach that is literally just a few minutes from the house.


The girls and Daddy immediately started finding things to investigate. I don't think Hannah stood up straight more than 5 minutes the whole time we were there!

We weren't really sure how crowded the beach would be, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was nice and quiet!

Beautiful sand designs made by the receding tide

Daddy and Cailyn exploring

Cailyn wasn't too sure about the water, but liked running around yelling, "Nun! Nun! Nun!!" (aka, Run! Run! Run!!)

Hannah, enjoying the view

Sweet Sisters!

This seashell now resides on our kitchen counter. :o)

Me and My Girls!

I LOVE this pic! Seth has a great way of getting creative with his shots!

More sand designs

Even Seth and I had a chance to do some soul searching...

Hannah LOVES throwing rocks into water!
"This is a BIG one!"

Pretending it's a slice of watermelon

"I love the beach!"

So tiny in the big world!
Our day ended with a nice simple supper together at home, and a gorgeous sunset:
The pefect ending to a great day!


Granny Martin said...

I am sooo happy for you guys....what an incredible way to spend your day! Breathtaking shots, as usual!
I'm guessing the beach will become very familiar to you all by summers end :o)

Anonymous said...


Ruth MacC said...

Nice pictures. I think they will really enjoy the summer. Look out for good weather in April. Almost every year we have good weather in April.

Marc and Charity said...

What GREAT pictures! You need to print and frame some of those!!!

Amy said...

Once again! Beautiful pictures!! And what a beautiful place. I can't believe you guys live so close to that place!