Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Mommy, is it a school day?"

Our day starts with that question, everyday. It's born from the rule we made of no TV in the morning on school days. That started because one day we had, like, 45 minutes free between when we got ready for school and when we had to leave for school. So, I said we could watch a few minutes of TV, but that when it was time to turn it off, that's it - no arguments. Well...there were arguments. :o) So now, no matter how much free time we have before school, no TV. So, every morning, the first thing out of Hannah's mouth is, "Mommy, is it a school day?"

So, today, much to her delight, it was Saturday. :o) So, since it was early and Mommy wasn't awake enough to play, they got to watch some kids' shows.

Cailyn on her throne wearing a "pih-ee cown" (aka, pretty crown)

This afternoon, we got to go to the official opening of Cailyn's creche (daycare). It opened in September, but had their official opening party/blessing/ceremony this afternoon. It was really fun to see all the parents milling around the school (we rarely get to interact w/the parents at the creche b/c we all drop off and pick up at different times). And, we barely heard a word of English the entire afternoon, which was really great! Hannah's favorite part of the afternoon (other than the cupcakes) was the facepainting:

Hannah showing off her butterfly facepaint (and St. Patrick's Day badge she made at school yesterday)

Reading books with Ms. D...and getting sleeeppyyyy....


Happy Girl!!

Hannah and her best friend, Joey. Joey is the dog of the neighbors of our friends, Mr. W. and Ms. D. He knows the sound of our engine and runs ahead of us to W and D's house and the girls laugh and squeal the whole way.
Joey, ready to play!!

Cailyn giggling at Joey and Peg (the huge dog behind her)

Reading stories with Mr. W, and getting quite comfortable. "Don't mind my feet"...


Granny Martin said...

Wow - how Cailyn has grown! She looks so much older in her face already! Gorgeous shots of her.
That has to be the most bodacious face-paint butterfly I've ever seen -- perfect for our Hannah!
Sounds like it was a great day!

Amy said...

Ethan counts down the days to "My 27." On Saturday mornings, Channel 27 had the best "boy" cartoons. Now they don't have any, and the boys watch CW33, but either way, Saturdays are still called "My 27" days! So crazy how their lives revolve around the TV as hard as I try to keep that from happening!