Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Los Chrom Chinn - an Dara Cinn (Daffodils -Part 2)

After our little cold snap, things turned warmer again (well, warm for here anyway) and the daffodils in our front garden rejoiced greatly by blooming full force! So, Daddy and Hannah had a grand time gathering some to have in the house! Cailyn was napping, so we'll have to get some more pictures of her later.
Stopping to smell the flowers

View down the foot path from our front door

View from the street

Sweet Daddy-Daughter Moment

Having fun (I LOVE the look on Hannah's face - she was giggling up a storm!)

Our sweet little flower girl


Laura Forman said...

Love Love Love the flowers! Can you bring some to us?? :)

Marian Frizzell said...

Love the daffodils and love the Hannah. Missing both.

The Everett Family said...

Gorgeous--the flowers and Hannah both!

Ruth MacC said...

Can youi imagaine the memories your children will have of your home?

I wonder what other surprises your garden will give you during the Summer!

Just beautiful!