Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peanut Butter Cookies!!

So, Hannah, Cailyn and I had already played chase about a million times, read all the books on the shelf at least twice, and all the bubbles are gone and it was only 1:30!! So, I remembered this awesome 4-ingredient recipe for peanutbutter cookies I have, so I asked Hannah if she wanted to make some. She, of course, jumped at the chance!!
Now, I'll admit this is the second time we've really cooked anything together (the first was the Empty Tomb Cookies for Easter). Granny's really good about getting Hannah up on a chair and involved in whatever she's making. But, I realized today just how much I underestimate this amazing little creature! I've considered baking with her before but always figured it would just end up being a clash of wills with her insisting she do everything and me trying to explain why she can't reach into the oven to get them. But, as in just about everything she does, she amazed me with her cooperative spirit, and as we both held the wooden spoon and stirred the 4 ingredients together and she exclaimed with a giggle, "This is FUN!!!" my mommy-heart melted and it hit me just how grown up she is, while still being so young.

So, anyway, enjoy the pictures!
I appologize now for the shots of her in her undies, but she tends to strip during nap-time and if its a hot day, and we're not going anywhere, putting clothes back on is just not a battle I have the energy to fight. LOL
Adding the gooey peanutbutter

"Look, Mom, its messy!"

Now the sugar...

Rolling the cookies up...

And putting them every so gently on the tray

Our favorite part (well, second fave for Mom) - squishing w/the fork!

Look at the concentration on her face!!

Ready to put into the oven!

Enjoying our creation. Cailyn cracks me up in this picture...just replace her sippy cup with a shot gun and she looks like those guys in the old-west photos. LOL

So proud of her creation! Oddly, neither of the girls liked the cookies. I mean, who doesn't like cookies??? But, oh well, leaves more for Mom!! Oh, and Dad. :o)


Wallace said...

I could go for some cookies!

Marc and Charity said...

Nothing like cooking while naked! :) hahaha! Hannah, I'm very impressed with your cooking skills...can you send me the recipe?!?!

Cailyn, girl that look on your face is priceless! Seriously, you and Bailey are from the same mould. :)

Basha's Mama said...

I don't think Sami has ever met a cookie that he didn't like. You have such strange children. ;)

The Kilcoynes said...

can we get that recipe?? Claire loves to cook, too!