Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here comes the....flower girl!!

Hannah was in her first wedding this afternoon (well, second if you count the one where I was matron of honor when I was pregnant with her LOL). Her Sunday School teacher/favorite babysitter got married today and Hannah was the flower girl!!

Daddy and I weren't really sure what to expect of Hannah....would she drop the petals the right way or would she stop and arrange each one on the ground just the way she wanted it? Would she stand still during the ceremony or would she end up in a wedding montage on America's Funniest Home Videos??

Well, she blew us all away and did an AMAZING job!! I wouldn't say she stood still, but she was very sweet, respectful and quiet. She carried a basket down the aisle that was shaped like a baseball and was filled with rose petals. When she got to the end of the aisle, she put that down and picked up a gorgeous flower ball, that ended up weighing at least 5 lbs! But she did really well with it. She even got to hold the matron of honor's bouquet when the matron held the bride's bouquet!!

I wish I could share every single picture we took, but it was very dark in the ceremony and a lot of them came out fuzzy, so we don't have any good pictures of her walking down the aisle. Plus, we took over 230 pictures on our camera alone between the rehearsal and the end of the wedding! So, I've chosen a few of my favorites to share with you. Enjoy!!
Cailyn helping to dry Hannah's hair

Taking an important fruit-snack break while getting ready

Once we got to the church, we waited....

And then we waited some more...

Checking out the beautiful flowers

Practicing dropping her petals

Daddy-Daughter moment!

All ready to go!

She didn't shy away from the attention at all!

Hannah and the beautiful bride, Sara.

Having fun together, as always!

The start of the ceremony, very interested in what's going on.

Part way through, getting a little distracted...

What a sweet face!

Taking it all in.

This just looks like a magazine picture or something to me!

Fixing her dress just like the bride does!

Fixing the flowers

Watching Miss Sara and Mr. Kyle

Beautiful vows

Taking a rest!

Telling Miss Sara congratulations! (and asking if she was a princess!!)

Hannah with the Skeltons! (and Andrew, the ring bearer)

I'll post pictures/stories from the rehearsal later. We're all pretty worn out after a LONG weekend!


Amy said...

I had no doubt she would behave perfectly!!! Cute pics!

The Kilcoynes said...

How beautiful!

The Everett Family said...

She looks so pretty! I love the shot from behind also. Beautiful!