Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good times, Great oldies

Ok, we're going to try updating a little differently today...we'll do it by "category". So, here we go.

Hannah never ceases to amaze us. Her current phrase of choice this week is, "That's hilarious!" Though sometimes it comes out more like "ih-yair-yee-yous". hehehe She also is getting more and more active. She has this bouncy ball that she bounces around the house on. She'll bounce across the living room, and down the hall; Cailyn will run after her pushing her piano toy. Then they'll come back with Cailyn in the lead. Hannah also LOVES sports - she is her father's child! So, everyday we play some sort of "ball game". The other day it was football:
Hannah throwing to Daddy while Cailyn looks on in desperation

Hannah catching:
(note the closed eyes - she gets that from Mommy!!)


She also is taking more interest in mothering her toys, Easter eggs, rocks, a sock, whatever she decides to mother. She puts them to bed, prays for them, sings them a song and tucks them in with her beloved blankie. She also has decided her new bed is the fireplace hearth. She'll lay there and just hang out. I think she likes it because it feels cool and she gets all hot and sweaty playing football and bouncing around the house!

She got another haircut the other day. I've started giving in and taking her Kool Kuts for Kids. Yes, its a bit overpriced, but they always do a good job, and her hair is straight (something I always have trouble accomplishing). And included in the price (thank God!) is a simple style. Hannah was so proud of her two bows!

Is it just me or is she just growing up too fast??

She also is loving dress up, an influence from her cousin Rachel and her friend, Amanda. But, we saw this adorable dress up dress (and shoes!) on sale and we just had to get it. She wore it all afternoon, and then when the dress got too itchy, she took it off and literally spent the rest of the day in her undies and the shoes! LOL (sorry, no pic of that :o) ).

Good grief - she's too big!!!
Look at Cailyn - she looks JUST like my baby pictures!

A Royal Snack

They play together really well now (most of the time)
This pic reminds me of ones of my brother and I when we were this age


I don't know what it is about spaghetti, but both my kids LOVE it! Cailyn's at this weird age/phase. Since she only has 2 teeth (yes, still ONLY 2!!!!), its difficult to feed her because she sees us eating and she wants what we're eating...but we dont' always eat food that is condusive to gumming! And the other morning Hannah and I were both eating Cheerios for breakfast. I had given Cailyn some dry ones on her tray, but she kept making a fuss. Finally I figured out she wanted a spoon, too!!

So, anyway, I always love when we have spaghetti because it always makes for some good pics!

"Would YOU like some?"

Hannah's "creative drinking" technique


Well, it seems Cailyn changes more than we can keep up! She can now say "Dada" at the right times, as well as Hannah. She CAN say "Mama", but finds it yee-yar-yee-yous when I ask her to say it to shake her head and say emphatically, "DADA!!" She blows kisses to say "I love you" and she is really getting into books. She points to the pictures and bellows, "DA!" Not sure what it means, though I have a feeling that it means a plethora of things.

She's walking really well and is getting more and more adventerous at walking on her own. I've finally gotten her to wear shoes without screaming, so now she's more free to walk when we're out in public - which creates interesting scenarios for mommy!

Her main mode of communication: screaming. She screams/screeches when she's happy. She screams/screeches when she's sad. She screams/screeches when she's angry, bored, tired, excited... and when I say "screech" I'm talking almost dog-whistle caliber. It is soooo shrill its literally painful. We spend 10 minutes of screaming (well, her screaming, me staring at her) trying to get the concept that if she'd sign "please" (which she knows how to do) she can get up on the couch...she finally got it. She's just extrememly stubborn and refusing to change HER way of doing something....I have NO idea where she got THAT from!!

Trying out the new sippy cup
"SCREECH! I'm a big girl just like Sister!"

Having some bubble bath fun with Daddy and Hannah

Mommy snuggles

Cailyn LOVES babydolls...well, basically anything with a face. She loves these two soft babies we have. And lately she's starting to imitate grown up behavior (holding a toy phone up to her ear and saying, "IIIIIIIII!"; shaking the toy hair drier at her head; blowing her nose- yes, I said blowing her nose!). She's also starting to "take care" of her dolls:

Putting baby in the bumbo seat

Joining baby in the bumbo seat

She also LOVES to play in the bathroom. We never had this issue with Hannah. But Cailyn, she will have all the cabinets cleared out and the toilet paper off the roll in seconds!


W said...

Too cute! thanks for all the warnings..... ;)

Marc and Charity said...

our girls are so much alike!!! cerys is all about dressing up. right though she has on sweat pants, no shirt, and purple high heels. :) She mother's anything and everything too!

The Kilcoynes said...

What a beautiful family! I am not sure which side of the family the girls could have gotten stubborness. Could it possibly be from BOTH sides?

Thanks for the hilarious musings!