Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had Cailyn's birthday party. It was GREAT! It amazed me how calm I was; I was a basket case and totally overwhelmed at Hannah's 1st birthday party!

Anyway, we had about 25 people here (including us) and had a blast! We did a tea "theme" and had tea pot decorations, tea-themed favors, and a tea pot shaped cake - which I HAVE to thank Kathy at Target for pulling off an AMAZING job!!

Cailyn and Hannah both did great at the party as well! Hannah was a huge helper and was very gracious - she even got a few gifts herself! Cailyn walked around, played with the other kids and sat with several people - which is NOT like her if Mommy is in the building! LOL Hannah has been asking for about a month now, every day, "Mommy, is Cailyn 1 yet?" "Mommy, is it Cailyn's birthday yet?" So she was very excited for it to finally be here - and to finally eat the birthday cake!

So, enjoy the pics and if you haven't seen the post below with the little video/slideshow we did, be sure to check that out as well!

Practicing her "waif" look

Hannah's excited about friends coming over to eat CAKE!!

Cailyn's little photo shoot

The AWESOME cake - from Target no less...and it was tasty!!

Before the presents were done: note the lack of children and mess....

Towards the end of the presents - as time went on there was more and more paper, and children, surrounding me!


Marc and Charity said...

Cute, cute, cute! That cake is great! Did you have to ask them to make is special or do they do that all the time? Very cute. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Dee said...

mmmmmmm, cake......