Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wow, more pictures!!

Seth is at a conference with the youth today; Cailyn is napping and Hannah is painting with water, so I thought I'd take a quiet moment for myself and upload some more picutres for I lose the time to do it. :o)

This first pic is of one of the 3 bruises Cailyn endured yesterday...not sure why none of the others are showing up, or why this one doesn't show in any other picture, but there it is. Its by far the worst of the three. She did this one to herself...she was trying to pull up on something and slipped and banged her head on a toy on the floor. :o( The other two occured when both girls had gone down the hallway together. I'm not sure of the whole story or how it exactly happened, but I think it involved Hannah trying to ride Cailyn like a horsey....

Cailyn's first haircut! Before:


Hannah's first popcicle! I know, our child is deprived...she's 3 and this is her first popcicle. But, she's not a big fan of cold things...but she sure enjoyed this one on her sore throat!

Cailyn's latest obsession: standing! She wants to stand ALLLLL the time, and she won't settle for her exersaucer anymore (sad day for Mommy!!). She's balanced for a couple of seconds all by herself a few times, but mostly she likes to stand holding onto people's fingers, or these chairs.

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