Saturday, February 9, 2008

Croupy Croup and the Funky Bunch....and Da-Da....2 unrelated but related posts. :o)

Well, last night I thought we were out of the thick of Hannah's croup, thinking "Wow, that was easier than I thought." It was as if those germs in her little lungs heard me and said, "Ah-ha, easy, eh? Well, we didn't do our job!" So, this morning she woke up with a fever and more coughs (I thought she hadn't coughed very much and just figured it was a fluke)...its still not a TON a coughing...certainly not what I envisioned croup to be, but certainly more of a cough than she's had. Her temp hovered around 100.3 all day, even with meds, but she stayed in good spirits (cartoon movie marathons during the week, when tv is usually very limited will do that I suppose!) and even got down to play with Cailyn quite a bit - which resulted in 3 bruises on Cailyn's face, but that's a post that should have pics with it. LOL So anyway, Hannah's doing alright, hanging in there. She devoured a hamburger in record time tonight, so that's a good thing. Certainly this little bout of illness is nothing compared to what other families are dealing with tonight, but just thought I"d update you.

Cailyn also said her first real word on purpose today! And it was....*drumroll please*...Da-da!! She said it several times, all in the correct context. I also THINK she said Hannah (came out aahhh-naaahhh)...she said it to Hannah, and once as if she was repeating me saying it. So, that's been exciting...her first real words. Of course, nothing close to Ma-ma..that's ok...even though I carried her in my belly for over 9 months...endured major abdominal surgery to ensure her safe entry into the world.....was her sole source of nutrition and comfort for over 6 months.....was up countless hours in the night......but no biggie. ;o) hehehe No, really, its great that she's communicating verbally now. She understands a ton...she vigorously signs "milk" as she drinks her bottles....she'll look in the direction of the right person if we ask "Where's ______?" She'll even "point" (her pointing is aiming the palm of her hand with her fingers pointing towards the floor toward whatever she's pointing at). So, its fun to see her grow in her abilities.

So, that's the latest in our, 3 posts in one week!! I feel so productive! ;o)

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