Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, its Valentine's Day and in the Deibel household its not quite the fun-filled holiday we'd hoped. Hannah started running a fever again last night. When she got up this morning her temp was normal, but its now up to 101.1. Thankfully we already had her 3 year check up scheduled for today, so we'll be going to that here in a little bit. We'll have to come back another day for the shots - they don't give shots if they have a fever. But at least we'll be able to make sure its not her ears or strep throat.

Cailyn is doing well, though on a bit of a nap strike...well, not really a strike, just a weird phase. She only takes one nap a day (has since of her many unique "qualities" :o) ) and so its usually 1.5-2 hours long. Lately, its only been 45 min. - 1 hour....nice! Today we all laid down at the same time. It took Hannah awhile to get to sleep and literally just as she was drifting off (in our bed), Cailyn woke up. So, no nap for Mommy today...again. :o) Here's a snapshot on what we're doing right now:

Cailyn's enjoying a post-lunch "dessert" of Cheerios - always willing to share.

Hannah's hibernating on the couch "watching" a movie (aka - staring off into space). She already watched a short show this morning and we told her that was all she would get to watch today, but when she has a 101 fever, I feel so bad for her and she just doesn't want to do anything, so I gave in. :o)

Well, Cailyn is now throwing her Cheerios on the floor which is baby-speak for, "I'm done now, Mommy, please get me down so we can play." So I'll draw this to a close. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

(In case you're wondering, Seth took me out for a wonderful date a couple of weeks ago, so we're sticking close to home tonight. Some quiet time at home with the family is just what Cupid ordered!!)

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