Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Granny and Papa's Visit

We had a really great visit with my (Jen's) folks! They came out for Seth's graduation...well, let's get real here, they came for the grandgirls, but used Seth's graduation as the occassion to make the trip! ;o) We crammed a lot into the few days they were here! I've already covered all the grown up stuff, so we'll leave this one to all the good stuff - kids! Papa and Granny got to give Cailyn a bottle for the first time (and even got to help Hannah give one, too!).
Papa with the girls...we tried to get one of Granny with both girls but Hannah fell off the couch and Cailyn proceeded to meltdown...maybe next time. (Yes, Hannah's ok....but won't be sitting on the arm of the couch for awhile!)

Papa giving Cailyn her beloved milk

Granny's turn!

Hannah's turn!!
Note, Hannah's getting antsy and Cailyn's in a milken stupor....

Granny and Hannah's new game: Solitaire for Two

Hannah and Papa's new game: FLYING!!

Look at the concentration....from both of them!
Ah, finally figured it out!
We got to do this really cool thing here called Prairie Lights. Its a drive thru light display, which we all really enjoyed. Halfway through there's a little "village" (in the loosest sense of the word) with a carousel (more on THAT little treat later), popcorn, Santa, and cocoa. We let the girls roam free in the van during the display, and got to ride some rides.
Mommy and Cailyn bundled up at the "village"

The trippy light tunnel you drove through to get out...nearly gave us all seizures, but was pretty cool.

Both girls did really great with Santa! Cailyn LOVED his beard and Hannah enjoyed talking to him. When he asked Hannah what she wanted for Christmas, she replied heartily, "POPCORN!"

Cailyn helping Daddy "drive"

This carousel looks innocent enough....not so, my friends! First of all, it was about 10 degrees below zero (ok, more like 35 F). Then, this thing goes, seriously, about 30 mph!!!

Insert eerie horror film carousel music here...


Seriously, not even Santa could hack it!


Anonymous said...

hilarious!!!! it sounds like santa won't have a hard time buying for hannah this year!


Amy said...

I'm so glad your dad was able to make the trip, and that you guys had so much fun while your parents were here.

Marc and Charity said...

Love your face in that one picture! Merry Christmas y'all!