Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School!!!

Big, big things happening around here! Hannah is in the next class up from last year. In the states, we're pretty sure this would be 1st grade, but it's sort of like a second Kindergarten. She was really chomping at the bit to head back to school and be with all her friends again. No problems dropping her off...she just marched right into the room, found her seat and started coloring.

Bigger though is that Cailyn started school! She's in the preschool that Hannah went to, and absolutely LOVES it so far. She has several friends from the day-care place that she was at and has already made some new friends. She is really doing well with it! It's busy again with the school schedule, but there's something about it that just seemed like it was time! Here's a couple pics of the morning...

Lunch bags in hand, headed out the door (can you tell Cailyn is happy???)

Dropping Cailyn off at her school


Granny & Papa said...

the excitement in their eyes is unmistakable!

ryan said...

Awesome! So cool.