Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dublin Zoo

Since we didn't really do something "big" for summer this year, we took a quick trip over to Dublin to check out the zoo. It was a well deserved break for the family, and sort of a last chance to do something together before Isaac comes (and the subsequent down time that will follow!) We had a great day, even though there was rain off and on the whole day. We just tucked into shelters and under trees as each shower would come, and then we'd continue on. The girls absolutely LOVED it! It really was a blast for us, and though today we're tired from the quick trip, we're very glad we went! Here's some pics of the day with the kids. (the pics were limited because of the rain, but there were some good pics none-the-less)

Sweet picture!!

Jen and I laughed a bit at this sign...did they miss anything?!? LOL!

...and in the spirit of that sign, play the "Jaws" theme song in your mind at this one! If they don't want little kids chasing or doing anything on their little signs, then don't put peacocks out in the middle of the paths! LOL
Tiger sleeping blissfully next to the glass...

Mom helping them get a good look

This was probably the coolest thing that happened. We walked up to this enclosure where the otters were and we at first couldn't see them. Then I noticed some grass rustling and knew they were coming, so Hannah and Cailyn made their way over. The otters (no joke) SAW the girls at the window and came right over to them, and they all just stared at each other for a couple minutes. It was neat!

And the obligatory face in the Orangutan photos...Hannah


...and a mommy who refuses to grow up! LOL


akhdesign said...

I think it's funny that the sign doesn't mention not feeding the animals.

Granny & Papa said...

awwww....where's SETH'S orangutan pic??? thanks for posting these, they're the otter story :o)

Jill said...

LOL, Great pics, Deibels! Looks like you had a great time. The sign is hilarious!

Marc and Charity said...

I feel like wearing that do not harass sign around my neck and just marking out "animal" and putting "mommy" in it's place :) Looks like a fun time!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how excited Cailyn is about being that close to a tiger.