Monday, December 28, 2009

First ride on the bikes!!!

Well, we had a little rain around here, which was nice because it was actually warmer, so it melted the ice-rink we had out in back of our house. SO, we quickly went out this morning to test out the bikes! The girls were so excited to put their little helmets on, and get to it! There's some learning that has to be done, but they loved it and are looking forward to more!

Hannah gets on...all geared up!

She's ready to go!

Peddling hard...she's going to figure this out pretty quick!

Look at that smile! She loves it...and as you can tell, (Daddy's going to love it too with the steering/push handle built in)

Ok, so Hannah had just ridden down this hill, and Cailyn wanted to also...not a big hill, not going fast. But, it only took a second and a massive whip of the wheel to the left, and down she we've had our first fall. As you can tell, I was too slow...

And, of course, the tears...but we'll be ready to go another day!!!


Anonymous said...

The first fall off the bike... how sad! Thanks for the pics. Do you ever feel a little bit guilty when you get a great photo like that of one of your girls falling????

Just kidding. We love you guys!

~Daniel and Tiffany

Basha's Mama said...

I got a video of Amanda going sideways on her trike too - such fun. :)

Kim Eagle said...

Oh wow! This brings back memories of scooping Gabriel up after similar falls, and assuring him that it will be ok and that we love him. The pictures are good.
Great to make us think of how much our loving Father is there to take us in His arms when we fall. Barry and I just found your blog and have enjoyed browsing through it.
Nice to see you guys. God keep blessing!
your friends in Flagstaff,
Barry and Kim

Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

Great Kim! Glad you found us!! We try to post a couple times a week, and we put as much "life" here in it as we can. It really was great to hear from you!

Jill said...

aaww, that's sweet.