Monday, August 24, 2009

We Interrupt...

This "regularly scheduled" (HA!!) Germany post to bring you some big news!!
Cailyn is spending her first night in a a big girl bed!! With all of our travels, we've learned that she is just too big to fit into a travel crib or pack 'n' play, so we thought before our next travels are upon us, we'd get her used to being in a big girl bed! As we talked, Hannah said she wanted a new bed as well. Since the bed she was on is nowhere near new (mattresses and everything), we decided that she could use a new bed, mattress, etc. So, on a recent marathon trip to IKEA (boy...what a trip! But, that's another post)....
So, after much sweat, Daddy had the beds put together:
You can see over Hannah's bed her name; Cailyn's name plaque is over her bed, but you can't see it in this pic.

Cailyn ran right in and curled up on her bed. The girls had been playing dress up and both in their undies, so you won't be seeing any pics of Hannah. :o(

"My butterflies!!" Cailyn helped pick out her bedding, and was very excited about her butterflies.

"My Tinkerbell!!" She chose to keep her Tinkerbell pillowcase rather than her matching butterfly one.

Showing how she can get right in and out. She's so proud!

They were so excited they wanted to go to bed right then and there. Hannah helped Cailyn get dressed.

They've been in bed for about half an hour now and so far, so good! I can't believe our girls are getting so big!

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Granny & Papa said...

Utterly adorable! Tell Cailyn that Granny LOVES her butterflies! And, of course, and very excited that she is enjoying her Tinkerbell pillowcase. Looks like Seth has been putting in some overtime! Good Job!