Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Germany Part I

Hello everyone! Sorry that this has been so long in coming! For those that don't know, we were fortunate enough to be in Germany for the last couple of weeks. Our company had some meetings scheduled in South Germany, which was awesome. We had the opportunity to stay after for a week with some dear friends of ours and just hang out. We took over 1300 photos, which we will not be posting obviously, but over the next few days we'll be sharing some of the best pics and stories from our trip!

The first batch is from where we stayed in Southern Germany. It's a town just north of the Austrian border, which means ALPS! My friend reminded me that these were just the foothills of the Alps, but nevertheless, our view was incredible!

View from our conference room...how could we concentrate??

City where our conference was held

One day, two of my friends snuck away from the conference.
We all just loved this house perched on a hill surrounded by tall peaks.

I'd snapped this picture thinking I'd gotten just a nice scenery shot with a neat historical building. Then I learned something cool...that building was actually built by Hitler to house and train SS officers


Basha's Mama said...

So did you ever get the soundtrack from the Sound of Music out of your head while you were there - because it's in mine now just from looking at the pics. *lol* Glad you had a good time. Sorry I missed you online today. I wasn't in my office much today. And when I was it was madness. Yay August!

The Everett Family said...

Very nice!

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