Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yay, God!!

Sorry for the delay in updating. Oddly enough, we've had SIX showings in the last 4-5 days! That's the same amount we had between May-July 13!!

So, we accepted an offer on Friday afternoon!!! We are very excited. Both of the offers that came in were pretty low, and would've resulted with us having to pay WAY more at closing than we were prepared to. I'll spare you the details of the numbers, as it was not pretty and there are children present.

So, we asked our agent to inform the buyers' agents that there were two offers on the table and to please come back with their final and best offers. One didn't bother to counter. The other, countered with a great offer that results in us just about breaking even! We may even walk away WITH MONEY in our hand...just enough for maybe a dinner at Chili's, but still!

And since then, we've shown the house 6 times, and another one scheduled for Monday morning. The real estate guru's say that's because "interest generates interest." So, at least if something falls through with this offer, we have several potential contigencies. We are slated to close on August 14.

So, we can't even begin to express our gratitude to God for His timing in bringing this about, for more ways than we can go into here. We knew all along that it would most likely happen this way, as God tends to be pretty "last minute" (in our minds LOL) with us, and this is pretty last minute!! :o)

So, THANK YOU all for your prayers for our house to sell. We continue to pray that things between now and August 14 go smoothly (inspection, appraisal, etc). We will keep you updated.

Next post should have some pictures of the girls, so stay tuned!


The Kilcoynes said...

That's awesome. Aug 14th is Daniel's birthday so that has to be a good day to close on a house, right? Miss you! Love you!

Amy said...

Jen- I'm so excited at all the possibilities. I didn't know you guys were continuing to show the house! God's just telling you, "See! I told you I would do something great! Just sit back and relax! I got it!!!" I'm also trying to remember those words these days! =] Love y'all!!!