Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still waiting

Talked to our agent yesterday (Wed) evening around 5pm and he had just spoken w/the buyers' agent. She said she hoped to talk with her clients late yesterday evening and would call our agent today (Thurs) with an update. So, here we wait.

In the meantime, we got a call at 7:10pm last night from an agent asking us to make an exception to the 1 hour notice rule and wanted to know if he could show the house b/t 7:30-8:30pm, as he had a "very serious buyer"! So, of course I said "Sure!" Then proceeded to flee home from church like a mad woman and did the flight of the bumble bee clean...I have been sorting through files for the past 2 days and starting to clean out our bedroom furniture. So, the house was certainly less than tidy! BUT, I finished just as they arrived. The woman said as they were leaving, "I LOVE your home!" several times.

So, we're really praying that God has brought us our buyer in one of these dear people! We will update as soon as we know more.

Thanks for your faithfulness to pray!!!


Brittany said...

That's such excellent news! I'm praying for a quick sale without any hitches!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to us. That's the way it got before we got a firm offer--even had a 20 mintue notice one time. We were sweating, literally jogging around the house cleaning, and arguing with each other by the time we got out. We only went to the park next door and came back for an hour and then had to leave again! But not long after it got that busy we accepted an offer. I know it's going to work out soon.