Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teething, ear infections and talking - oh my!

Well, we've had a full-rich month! Mother's Day was amazing - thank you, Seth! - and I'm told there's one more gift on the way! Boy, am I one blessed Mommy!!

Hannah got a double ear infection and the poor thing had to deal with a 103 fever for 3 days! Thankfully, this ear infection did not involve any vomit - thank God! But, when she's sick all she does is sit on the couch, which is hard to watch because she's usually a ball of energy running around, playing, singing, bouncing. So, we watched lots of movies and had lots of snuggles.
Most of you that read this know that we're trying to sell our house, so we've been doing lots of work to get it in tip top shape. Seth re-seeded the front lawn and trimmed off the extra branches from our front tree. We had to have them in a bundle no longer than 4 feet, so Hannah helped him stack them up after he cut them. The yard is looking great! I need to take a picture!!
These girls LOVE being outside, and its been beautiful weather lately, so we've been taking in the sun a bit more - which resulted in Hannah's first bad sunburn thanks to a bad mommy! You can see it in the picture below. She's walking on our neighbor's planter...she loves to just walk around and around and around, and then jump off.
At the end of the day, nothing beats a good snuggle and sleep with your blanket and Big Pooh! We never know what configuration we will find Hannah and her friends in when we check on her in the night, but it never ceases to put a smile on our faces - and usually we have to stifle a giggle or two! But, speaking of sleep, Hannah's been wearing big girl panties at night for about a month now and we've only had one accident!!! Wahooo!!!!! Now the next step is to get her to realize she can get up and go potty at night by herself - that's still a work in progress!
Cailyn continues to grow and change everyday! She's walking like a champ now and can nearly run when she's really excited!! She, also, loves being outside and when Hannah was helping Daddy with the branches, Cailyn discovered the runoff from the rain earlier that day. I thought about trying to keep her out of it, but I remembered all the fun times I had playing in gutter water, so I tried to put the thoughts of germs and bugs out of my mind (and know I know why my mom always answered "If you really want to" when I woudl ask if I could play in said water! LOL) and let her explore. By the time we went inside, she was completely soaked from the hips down and made it very clear she did NOT want to go inside!
Alas, it was time for bed.....she, too, is beginning to give us some interesting sights when we go in to check on her at night. This is the "I surrender!" pose!!
She finally has 3 teeth, and the fourth is about to pop through any day. I would guess by end of the day tomorrow she'll have the first cut done. However, that doesn't deter her from wanting to eat what we eat! She LOVES spaghetti and lasagna, which are pretty easy to cook to death so she can gum them. She also loves pickles, oatmeal squares, graham crackers, the list could go on and on!! She's also working on several words, finally. She's got "dada" down pat, and is finally starting to call me "mama". But she still thinks its hilarious to point to me, say "dada!" and then collapse into a heap laughing. She can also say duck, fish, shoe, and yes. My favorite, though, is "Mmm-hmm." If the answer is yes to whatever you ask her, she'll nod her head and say, "mm-hmm!"
We are also quite attached to our new best friend - blankie! She outgrew her sleep sack and so the search for the perfect blanket ensued, and this is what came home. This child LOVES her blanket!!! She has one corner that seems to be her favorite, which she holds and rubs on her upper lip between her nose and mouth, and on the little middle part of the nose that divides her nostrils. Wherever Cailyn goes, blankie is not far behind. As you can see, we're still not out of the bruiser phase. It seems as though just as soon as on clears, she gives herself another one. The one you see in this picture is the result of her dumping water on the floor, then stepping in the water and hitting her face on a nearby chair on her way down. All this happened in about 3 seconds.
She partook of her very first popcicle recently - an attempt to soothe her teething pain. This one was before her first top tooth popped through. She LOVED this thing, as you can see. She ate the entire thing and wanted to finish of sister's because sister doesn't like to eat cold things.
So, there's the past month in a nutshell...its been fun and busy, but we love it!


Anonymous said...

You guys have been busy! Love the pics!


Basha's Mama said...

Your kids are almost as funny as mine are. :) C looks huge in her crib picture!

Anonymous said...

I have a girlfriend who still has a blankie, and she does with it exactly what you decribe Cailyn doing! It was hilarious to read your description because it was very familiar! I'm sure Meredith would die if she knew I was telling her secret to anyone! That could end up being a lifelong habit...