Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Going crazy

Ok, so today, we actually got a little rain here today, and it happened to be a day when we all needed to head to the mall we go to. Well, when we were done, and on the way back home, I noticed some funny stuff going on in the back. Cailyn is finally a forward-facing car-rider now, so she loves being able to see everything that's going on. So I look in the mirror, and I see both of our girls using those "head-pads" on the side of their car seats to bang their heads on. Back and forth they went, banging their head on one side, and then the other, all the while laughing themselves silly. It was so funny! Sorry we couldn't get a video of them both (oh how I wish you could see that), but it was quite a site. We nabbed Cailyn doing it for a minute though, so here you go...enjoy!


Amy said...

So cute! It's always nice to have happy travelers!

Dee said...

too cute!!!!