Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the paper

So, Tuesday night was the big photo exhibition. It was a great time! The Mayor came and spoke, there was a collection taken for Autism Ireland (which thankfully raised a bunch of money) and plenty of snacks and drinks. The turnout was really good! Some of our friends showed up in support, and some that couldn't sent their well wishes for us. This is the second exhibition I've been involved in now, and I was just as proud to be a part of this one as I was the last time! The most exiting part came today though: Our family was chosen to be one of the artists put in the local paper! Here's the picture of all of us!


Marc and Charity said...

y'all are famous! :)

Granny & Papa said...

How very cool that they included the whole family! And that you are at the Galway library, I was thinking your local one, so that is extra neat as well! Well Done!